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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July randomness!

July has been a busy and crazy month for us! I wouldn't prefer to have it any other way though... it was great to have lots of visitors and do lots of activities! To close out the month, here's some of our July randomness...

Cupcake's new favorite dress-up item... a tutu that she found at her cousin's house! I will be looking into making one of these for her & will post up a tutorial on how to do them at home!

Reading to Luna...

Peanut sitting up:

And practicing standing!

Some sister time!

Ahoy me maties! Cupcake has a new obsession with pirates! (And saying, "Argh"!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pink polish Wednesday! Zoya Anaka

It's a "berry happy" Wednesday with Zoya Anaka! Even though it is still 1000 degrees outside, I decided to go with a bit darker pink today. I love the subtle glitter and shimmery-ness of the color though!

Zoya Anaka:

Happy Wednesday!

Coming up later this week... my new love - Zumba! Favorite shoe recs for Zumba... and a July favorites with still photos will be a new blog post to go along with my You Tube Channel video as well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Must have MAC eyeshadows!

These are my four favorite MAC Cosmetics eyeshadows and what I would consider "must haves", if you're only going to own four shadows from MAC... then these would be my recommendations!

My four favorite MAC eyeshadows:
- Vanilla
- Naked Lunch
- Era
- Satin Taupe

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dior Fall 2012 Swatches

Here are a few swatches (be forewarned, I'm not the best at swatching!) of the Dior Fall 2012 Golden Savannah eyeshadow palette...

Four Golden Savannah eyeshadow colors in the order they appear in the palette:

With the fifth highlighting color in the center, I feel like it is extremely glittery... I don't know that I will use this particular color much:

And some close up pictures of the Dior lipsticks as well... love these colors!

Wild lipstick, from the Fall 2012 Collection:

And some recent purchases... Extreme lipstick in Cherie Bow, and Addict lipsticks in Palace & Pink Cherie:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's Inside my Purse? Rebecca Minkoff MAC!

My latest installment of "What's inside my purse?"... see what fits in my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch! It is the regular size MAC and is a great size for all of the grab'n'go essentials!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pink Polish Wednesday

I decided to go with Zoya's Mischka again this week, so since it is a repeat I decided to do something a bit different for Pink Polish Wednesday!

I have started doing color wheels (just learning, be gentle!) - and wanted to show a few of my favorite pinks compared to each other...

Left to right:
 - Butter London, Disco Biscuit
 - Zoya, Gilda
 - OPI, I'm All Ears
 - Zoya, Kimber

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pottery Barn Kids Finds!

Well, we've cleaned up pretty well during the Gymboree RBS Sale, and I practically won't need to need to buy clothing for the girls until 2013... (Or possibly, literally?) So our kid focus for the end of 2012 will probably be less on clothing and more accessories, and those other incidental things that they need.

One of which, we were able to pick up for Bella this weekend... she got her first "big girl" pillow from Pottery Barn Kids, with a little toddler size pink polka dot pillowcase as well.

Pottery Barn Kids Toddler Pillow,, $18

While we were in the store, we also saw some adorable things that would be great Christmas ideas... This toddler alphabet set looks cute and cozy to snuggle up against for winter:

Pottery Barn Kids Alphabet Bedding,, $99

Pottery Barn Kids Alphabet Pillow,,  $39.50

And how cute is this play Dyson vacuum cleaner?!?!? I about had a fit in the middle of the store... it is adorable and pink - and just like a miniature version of Mommy's vacuum!! This is definitely going on the Christmas wish list.

Pottery Barn Kids,, $49

Monday, July 16, 2012

Gymboree Red Balloon Sale Haul!

Gymboree's Red Balloon Sale is going on in stores NOW and you can save up to 70% off the retail prices! All items from their winter lines from last year are being clearances out and some stores even have some great summer finds as well! This year's summer lines are marked down as well (although not as deeply discounted, they are around 30% off) - and there are a lot of great bargains to be found!

Here's our RBS haul from this year's sale:

Check it out at your local store now, each store has varying stock and once they run out of stock the sale is over... so the earlier you get there, the better the selection!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beauty Blender vs. Sigma F80 Foundation Brush

I've been enjoying using my Beauty Blender (pink sponge) and Sigma F80 to apply foundations lately. I've found that I prefer applying liquid foundations with the Beauty Blender sponge, and cream foundations with the Sigma F80 Brush.

The Beauty Blender does a great job of applying the right amount of product to give a flawless and natural daytime look, while I find that the Sigma brush gives a heavier application with liquid foundation (so good if you're wanting a full coverage look) - I like that the F80 makes cream blush look equally as light and flawless for daytime as the Beauty Blender is with liquid foundation.

In my review comparing the two, I use the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation to show the difference in the application of a liquid foundation.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy pink polish Wednesday!

It has been a crazy busy week already, we have family in visiting, I just started a new gym membership (yay!), and we have lessons & play dates galore planned... I did manage to sneak in a little time to refresh my pink nails, from the more peachy pink Zoya Willow - to bright and happy, Zoya Reece.

I decided to fall back on one of my old favorites for this nail polish Wednesday, since I'm feeling great about being back in fitness classes again and just wanted a generally cheerful pink color to reflect that!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dior Summer & Fall 2012 Makeup Haul!

I was super excited about the Fall 2012 Dior collection, so I decided I needed to get to Nordstrom's ASAP to look at the items in person... Sure enough, they are gorgeous and saturated taupe-y neutrals - perfect for a crisp Fall day when you just want to toss a cardigan & scarf on before you go... I do love my neutrals.

Also a few fun lipsticks for summer caught my attention, my favorite being Dior's Palace - a gorgeous Coral color that has just enough color without being over the top!

- Dior Fall 2012 Golden Savannah Eyeshadow Palette
- Dior Fall 2012 Wild lipstick
- Dior Palace lipstick
- Dior Bow Cherie lipstick
- Dior Pink Cherie lipstick

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Friday!

Well July has been a long month already... and we're not even through the first week! Here's a look back at some of the highlights - other than the new MacBook, of course!

Fourth of July smiles!

And a fun tea party....

Coming up next week! Dior Fall 2012 Reviews on the Golden Savannah 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette & Wild lipstick! Here's a little preview:

Dior Golden Savannah Palette
Have a great weekend! And if you're looking for some fun blogs to link up with, check out:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New MacBook Pro ~ First Impressions!

I will be doing a series of "first impressions" on the 13" MacBook Pro... on the different programs on it & just general ease of use - but here is my "first" first impression. What comes to mind about it after having it for 1 day...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! ~Pink Festive Nail Polish Wednesday~

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you're all having a fun & festive day! We will be sporting our red, white, & blue around here... well, to be honest our red might be a dark pink that is red leaning. ;)

So in the spirit of fun nails that are somewhat festive as well... I've chosen Zoya's Kimber, which is a dark pink that is red leaning with lots of subtle, fun shimmer!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We've been Apple converted! Kind of...

Well, you've probably noticed that I haven't made any large handbag purchases recently, and that was because the next thing on my "large item" wishlist actually wasn't a purse... it was a computer! I decided back in the Spring that I wanted to look into getting a MacBook Pro, after my older Toshiba laptop started ailing. I've loved my iPhone since we purchased ours about a year ago, and everyone that has a MacBook always says they are the bomb diggity (or whatever the kids are saying these days)... so I figured, you know, why not?

After convincing my husband that it was worth a try, and many more laptop crashes later... he gave me the go ahead to buy a MacBook - and then something interesting happened. I couldn't do it. I mentally could not get past spending that much money at one time on a computer. I know they are supposed to never crash, and are supposed to be optimized for Internet-surfing, photo editing, and video editing - which is what I spend the majority of my time on the computer doing... but I.just.couldn't.get past.the.PRICE... Which if you've been following my blog for any reasonable amount of time, you're probably scratching your head right now.

Handbags that I will put into "rotation" that cost roughly the same amount? No justification needed - if I love, I want it, I need it. That's pretty much the end of the story. However a laptop... that duly noted I use EVERY day, it just... isn't something I ever thought about spending that much money on. And so I waited... and visited the Apple Store... and waited.... And visited the Apple Store again.

After a while, I could tell that my husband was about to toss me out the window with all of the hemming and hawing about it - and I was afraid the offer would be revoked. So I gave in.

Thus, we've been converted... kind of. I've had it less than 24 hours... here are my first impressions - from a long time PC user of over 20 years.

I'm some how emotionally attached to my PC laptop. Very odd, I know... but it has been with me through good times and bad. While I was completing my MBA and during the subsequent somewhat fail of a job search afterwards. (December 2008 turned out to be a really bad time to graduate... but I did eventually find a rockin' PT dance teacher position & I digress, that's a story for a different blog post.) It went to the hospital with me when I had both of my girls, it put up with me trying to play Sims 3 on it after the game first came out, even though it was pushing my system to the brink of its limitations. In short, if an intimate object could be your friend... this laptop has been my buddy for the last 4-5 some odd years... It has seen it all and in a way, gotten me to where I am now.

Have I lost you yet?

Well... long story short - it won't be an easy transition. Apparently this is the first sign that I'm getting old, and resistant to change. However for all of the hope it brings of not locking up, not turning itself off without notice, and being a more powerful machine in regards to editing... I have optimism. Perhaps I will be able to overcome this resistance to something new and find out, it was exactly what I needed after all...

First impressions:

  • It does things extremely quick without lag time, the only hiccup I had was my Internet dropping out at one point last night, but I suspect that was my networks fault and not the Macbook's.
  • The keyboard is comfortable and easy to use
  • The scroll bar at the side of Internet pages is only slightly annoying... I'm used to the look of the always present Windows scroll bars, and hunting and pecking for where my pointer needs to go to make it appear made me sigh more than once
  • The screen is extremely clear and pictures look fantastic on it
  • The keyboard lights up... that's cool
  • You can have multiple Internet windows open with Safari at one time (a favorite past time of mine... to have 5 windows with 10+ tabs open at a time... yeah, I'm that girl) - but they do not have multiple tabs that I have found yet... Which is sad, but at the same time I probably have too much junk open at one time anyways. (Insert another sigh here.)
  • I haven't had a chance to play with photo or video editing yet... but my next first impressions blog will address what I think of that
My main hope is that two weeks from now, my new Macbook feels like home and I've learned more about how to use it to its fullest potential. I'll keep you posted...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sales, sales, sales!

Plenty of sales going on this week in anticipation of the 4th of July holiday! I just missed the $.99 flip flop event at Old Navy and Gap last Friday, and a number of other companies also have special promotions going on. Gymboree is starting a Red Balloon Sale at the beginning of the week, where fun winter favorites may be up to 70% off retail price!

My favorite sale to browse right now though is the one at Tory Burch online - for the 4th of July holiday you can save up to 30% with the code 'SUMMERTIME'. The percent off depends on the amount spent as follows:

  • Spend $250, Get 20% off
  • Spend $500, Get 25% off
  • Spend $750, Get 30% off
The Tory Burch holiday sales are actually great deals, and although they discount does not work on Revas - you can use it with sale items. I don't know that I'll be shopping from this Tory Burch sale considering I have a rather large, *ahem*, purchase planned... (More details on that hopefully later this week!) However, I think it is a great time to grab those items you've been thinking about, but otherwise may have not purchased without that bit of a % off!

Here's the top items from my wishlist if I were to take part in the Tory Burch sale!

Tory Burch Saffiano Wrap Bracelet,, $95

Tory Burch Amanda Demi Wedge,, $192.50 on sale

Happy shopping this week! Here's a list of some great 4th of July sales going on:
  • Banana Republic, Save 40% on already reduced items with coupon code 'BRSTARS'
  • Gap, Red Bright, & Blue Sale - up to 40% off select items through July 4th
  • Gymboree, Red Balloon Sale in-stores & online, starting Tuesday/Wednesday depending on location - winter clothing up to 70% off!
  • Macy's, 15% off + Free shipping on orders of $99 or more with code 'FOURTH"
  • Old Navy, Summer Refresh Sale - Stock-up pricing, Through July 10th
  • Tory Burch, 20%-30% off with coupon code 'SUMMERTIME'