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Friday, January 6, 2012

Louis Vuitton Comparison Review: Palermo PM vs. Tivoli GM

One of the bags I just recently got is the Tivoli GM. It's a style that I'd wondered about for a while, it seemed like a great everyday style and a good size. I used to own the Tivoli PM, purchased at the LV boutique a few months after it was released and subsequently sold about a year after buying it, because it was just a little on the small side for me. Also since it was an exclusively handheld bag, it just wasn't working for how I liked to use my bags.

The Tivoli GM on the other hand is a great size for every day. Plenty of room on the interior and adjustable handles that look great either hand held or comfortably sitting on your shoulder. I've found that it is easy to find things inside and get in & out of at check outs. (Although the zipper is a little stiffer than I would prefer, but I am hoping that will get better after some use.) I've been using it the past few weeks, and I can definitely say - it is fantastic!

At the same time that the Tivoli (PM & GM) was released, the Palermo (PM & GM) style was also released. These two styles always seemed a bit comparable to me and I think are often compared when someone is considering what to purchase, because of the styling of the pleats and hanging LV tag on the zipper. I've now owned all sizes of the Tivoli and Palermo - Tivoli PM, Tivoli GM, Palermo PM, and Palermo GM! I sold the Tivoli PM because I found it was too small... I sold the Palermo GM because I found it was too big. Currently, I still own the Palermo PM and Tivoli GM - which I believe are just right!

Since these two styles, the Tivoli and Palermo, are so often compared when trying to decide which bag to get - I thought I would do a quick comparison review of the two with pictures side by side with the Tivoli GM and Palermo PM. These two bags are actually very close in size and what I would consider to be a good every day size. (Medium sized bags that comfortably hold a wallet, makeup case, sunglasses case, card case, cell phone, keys, etc. - with a bit of room to spare.) Both can be worn on the shoulder, the Palermo PM with the long shoulder strap and the Tivoli GM with the regular handles. Both look good hand held.

You can see that the size of the two is quite comparable and neither one is overwhelming on a regular sized frame. (For more petite frames the Tivoli GM might be a tad big.)

The interiors of both has pockets on the side for easy access to your tech items or keys.

The foot print of both bags is quite similar.

So as you can probably tell from my blog post... I'm a fan of both the Tivoli GM and Palermo PM. I think they are the ultimate choices from these two lines if you can pick two. If you could only pick one out of the two, I think I would have a hard time choosing just one - they both look great and are super functional. Right now since I'm wearing the Tivoli GM, I would probably place it as my number one choice - however catch me a few weeks from now when I'm using the Palermo PM - and my order may have changed!

In short, you can't go wrong with either one. All sizes of the Tivoli and Palermo are beautiful, but for either stylish mom on the go or professional choices - I think the Tivoli GM & Palermo PM are just great!

(Photos taken with our new Nikon D3100, which I'm loving!! Will do a proper review on our new camera sometime soon!)


  1. I've wanted the Tivoli GM for a long time now. It's so great! I don't know that I'll ever be able to spend the cash on one, though. Maybe someday!

  2. It's a fantastic bag! If you decide to go for it, I highly recommend it! I'm still using it every day right now and loving it! :)

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Hey! I just purchase the Tivoli GM... and i was just like you... I too had the PM when it came out and then GM became more practical. I also just purchase the Siracusa GM...
    Check out my blog ;)

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  5. Which do you think is better as a diaper bag?

    1. I highly recommend you the Palermo GM as a diaper bag!
      It fits a ton! And, in my opinion, it looks just like a mixture of the Palermo PM and the Tivoli GM! ;)

  6. Thank you so much for your post!
    I recently chose to buy the Palermo GM. I think you cannot go wrong with either one!

  7. I love the look of the Palermo GM! I can't find it brand new though. Did LV stop making it??

  8. I know they stopped making the Tivoli :(

  9. I love it, great comparison! I have both the Tivoli and Palermo GM...the palermo is a bit heavier. For some reason, the palermo pm kept falling off my shoulder and I didn't want to always use the handles (avoid getting em dark).

  10. I love it, great comparison! I have both the Tivoli and Palermo GM...the palermo is a bit heavier. For some reason, the palermo pm kept falling off my shoulder and I didn't want to always use the handles (avoid getting em dark).