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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My $0.99 earring finds!

I honestly feel cheap even just writing that title - ha! I had to share though, because I was pleasantly surprised by some super sparkly finds I came across on recently for only 99 cents! I'm into revamping my jewelry collection right now and I thought that a few pairs of fun earrings would be a great way to change up my usual day-to-day look.

I thought I would try out a pair of cubic zirconia studs for a two-fold reason, one I was thinking of upgrading my real diamond studs at some point in the future and I thought it would give me a frame of reference for what size diamond earring I thought I would want to save for - and two, they could just be a fun bit of sparkle on days when I didn't want to wear my plain sterling silver earrings!

I was randomly searching through Amazon one night when I came across this pair of well-reviewed cubic zirconia, set in sterling silver, stud earrings:

For $.99 (plus $6.95 shipping, but that is still less than a pair of these would cost you from Target!) - I thought it was worth a try!

Shipping was quick and I really was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find a lovely, seemingly decently made pair of earrings! They are stamped .925 for sterling silver and I was skeptical when I ordered them (because of the price) that they would actually be sterling silver when they arrived... but they do seem to be solid material and akin to other sterling silver jewelry that I have. The setting is firm and the posts are sturdy as well.

They have sparkle to them that catches the light at appropriate times, and while this size is WAY bigger than I ever would be getting or would like to get in a "real" pair of diamond earrings (so I still need to find some smaller CZ studs to figure out what size I want there)... it is a great size for costume jewelry. Just a fun pair of earrings!

So if you've been looking for a fun pair of CZ earrings, these could be the ones for you!


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