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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nars Lipsticks: Neutral Pink Comparison (Dolce Vita, Mayflower, Cruising, and Sexual Healing)

I've expanded my love for NARS from their long-wearing blushes to their lipsticks as well. I've tried a few NARS lipsticks in the past, but it had been a while since I had picked up anything from their lip lines so I decided to give them another try.

For day to day wear, I wear a neutral pink lip - think MAC's Blankety or Too Faced's Free Love with a gloss over them. NARS has a number of gorgeous lip colors with a pink neutral base, so I decided to give them a try!

Featured in the same order in each picture... Dolce Vita, Mayflower, Cruising, & Sexual Healing

Dolce Vita - This is probably the deepest color of the neutral pinks I've featured, but it is still a pretty one. It is more matte than the other more shimmery colors, and is close in tone to Mayflower when it is on my lips. It is still a great option for days that I want color, but I'm keeping it low key.

Mayflower - This is the first lipstick that I bought on my venture back into NARS lipsticks, searching for the lipstick featured at the top of Sephora's website. This has more of a raspberry tint to it and coincidentally is not the color featured. It is a pretty color though, and has some shimmer to it. I wear this when I want a bit of subtle color that shines.

Cruising - This is THE lipstick! Cruising is the best neutral lip lipstick shade I've found and even ranks above MAC's Blankety in my opinion. It is a true neutral and plays up the natural color of my lips. I always wear a gloss over my lipsticks, so I can choose a neutral shimmery pink gloss to make my lip color just compliment the rest of my look and not stand out. This one is LOVE!

Sexual Healing - Name I can't say in front of my parents aside... This is an awesome shade! This is the shade actually featured at the top of Sephora's website for NARS lipstick. I'd been admiring this color for quite a while now, and had tried some of the other shades above thinking they were the colors that Sephora had featured. I finally stumbled upon an answer directly from Sephora one day while reading reviews, stating that this was the color featured at the top of the page. I bought it immediately! It is a nice shimmer color, more of a neutral beige with a pink undertone in my opinion. The Sephora website makes it look pinker than it is in real life, but I still think this is a great option for every day.

All in all, NARS lipsticks are great lippies, the only complaint I have is that they are slightly dryer than some lipsticks I use. The colors are gorgeous though, and I begin my day with NARS lipsticks on my lips. Whether it is because of the shape of my lips, I'm unsure... but I do have a problem more so than most people of lipsticks or glosses lasting on my lips. I do have to re-apply multiple times a day, no matter what brand I'm using.

NARS lipsticks last a few hours before I have to re-apply and the colors are gorgeous, so these are definitely keepers in the makeup collection!

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