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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diaper Bag Review: Coach Op Art Baby Bag in Dark Merlot

What fits in a Coach Op Art Baby Bag from Coach?

Enough items to go out for a day trip with an infant & a toddler!

This You Tube review shows what I carry in my Coach Op Art Diaper bag, and shows how functional it is.

The size is 21 inches long by 12.5 inches high by 4.25 inches wide. I would classify it as a "medium sized" diaper bag... bigger than the bag that diaper bag that I used as a quick grab and go bag with only one child - but smaller than some gigantic diaper bags I've owned or seen. (Most notably, the Coach Signature Stripe Diaper bag that I originally bought when I was pregnant with my first. It was so gigantic... I couldn't justify keeping it and sold it. Now of course, I'm wishing I would have held onto it - because it would have been a good diaper bag for those days when having "just a bit more" would be appropriate. Like for trips into Chicago.)

It works great for two children in diapers though, one still using bottles and one using sippy cups. I place the larger sippy cups on the outside. (One for milk, one for water.) And on the interior, there are two elastic banded areas that can fit bottles. (We use Tommee Tippee bottles and the 9 ounce size fits fine in this area.)

It came with a portable changing pad that works fine for infants and smaller toddlers. I honestly prefer to use a larger JJ Cole changing mat with my older daughter who is just shy of 2 years old. (The JJ Cole changing mat came with a quick change bag that I use now, which I will review and show in a separate post. It is super handy to hang from the stroller handle for quick changes!) For infants however, the changing pad that came with the Coach bag is good enough, and fits conveniently in the front snap pocket of the bag for easy access.

On the back there is a zippered area that would be good to hold items for Mommy, but I use this area for travel table placements and other odds & ins, since I always carry a handbag for myself.

On the interior the bottom area is ample enough to hold two shirts and one pair of pants for a toddler, one sleeper for a newborn, and two burp cloths. On top of that, I fit two snack containers - a hard plastic snack container from Innobaby that I featured HERE - and a smaller toddler hand held snack container. Also in the middle I've shown a travel formula container from Munchkin. Occasionally, I will also toss in an additional 5 ounce Tommee Tippee bottom on top of these things, and there is room for that as well.

Overall, I would rate this diaper bag 4.5 out of 5 stars. I appreciate that it is subtle and doesn't have a crazy print all over it. Not that I have anything against prints, but some days I would just like something more neutral. The color is beautiful, a burgundy - purple color that isn't flashy, but is more special than a black or gray diaper bag. The space is perfect for two children if you pack just the essentials, and I would imagine would work great for one child on longer trips or if you want to carry a bit more on a day to day basis.

Despite its 21 inch length, the bag doesn't look overwhelming against a short frame. I actually thought it was going to look a lot bigger when it arrived, but it is definitely not what I would classify as a "large" diaper bag... I've seen much larger bags, especially from Coach. (I would consider a JJ Cole Mode diaper bag a smaller diaper bag, for reference.)

All in all, it is a great diaper bag that is well worth its $298 price tag. (Especially if you can a PCE discount on top of that!)

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