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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Packin Smart Travel Food containers by Innobaby

I was at a birthday party in Chicago a few weeks ago, when a Mommy pulled a contraption out of her diaper bag and I practically lunged across the room at her to ask, "Where did your find THAT?!?!". (Making a good first impression as always, I'm sure she was wondering what hole I had been living in, ha! I was already the "crazy lady from the suburbs" that had decided to try to push my stroller down the barely plowed sidewalks to my friend's townhouse, and got the stroller stuck... embarrassingly, all those who were attending the party and lived in the city where familiar with the fact that trying to push a stroller after the area had just been slammed with about 2 feet of snow... probably wasn't the best plan in the world. And carried their children in sans stroller. Whoops.)

Anyhow, seeing as most of my friends in the area that I live in all have children that are older than Cupcake, I don't get to see neat things pulled out of diaper bags on a regular basis that could be useful in our lives too, and I was a little excited.

It was a great little organizer by Innobaby called the Packin Smart - that has five separate compartment to carry individual snacks, formula, or other small bits. Genius! I headed to Buy Buy Baby to get one as soon as we got home from our Chicago trip. I'm sure it will also be great for our upcoming vacation to Disney World as well.

This is available at Buy Buy Baby for $19.99 (don't forget they always have those 20% off coupons that circulate or take Bed Bath and Beyond coupons!) - and there are also smaller versions available with 3 compartments. The Packin Smart snack contains can be found online here.

A similar product can also be found at Babies'R'Us.

It's a handy little thing that can be made as small or large as you would like it to be and the top of each compartment comes off to easily fill them up. All in all, I'm glad I asked about it - because I think it's going to be a great little item to have...

(This is an independent review. The writer was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product.)

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