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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reflecting on Wall Mirrors

After the carpet is finished in our family room, I'm going to be move on to being on the hunt for a good mirror to go over the fireplace. Mirrors seem to extend the boundaries of the room , and sometimes I feel like they are even more interesting to look at than a painting or picture. They are constantly changing and evolving with the room around them. Pictures in some areas of the house just feel too... flat.

Traditionally, mirrors above fireplaces tend to be rectangle shape.
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And I also had the idea of looking into a circle or sunburst shape for our family room fireplace, because it doesn't look as stuffy in a more casual room of the house.
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However, the idea of combining the images of a circle and a rectangle together to come up with a uniquely shaped mirror, has started to appeal to me as well. This scroll mirror available at is one of my favorites: - Salerne Scroll Mirror, $198

On my hunt, I've also found a number of traditionally shaped choices that are contenders: - Cassia Mirror, $189 - Golden Links Mirror, $89.99 - Rowena Mirror, $239

I'm also planning a few trips to stores like Home Goods, that have a continually rotating stock, to see what they have in store. I will be sure to post up my final choice after it's been found!

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