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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Great Crib Destruction of 2011

So what happens when a Cupcake gets teeth? This is not a trick question... this is what happens:

On an otherwise ordinary day, I put Cupcake down for a nap... and when I went in to get her up from the nap was greeted with the above sight. It was one of those, "WHAT DID YOU DO??" moments. After I contained my hysterical laughter, checked my child's mouth for stray pieces of wood, and did a quick Google search to make sure the manufacturers of DaVinci baby furniture had enough sense to make the finishes non-toxic (they did, thank goodness...) - I realized that I was going to have to figure out a way to guard the rest of her crib. And quick.

After a bit online searching, I settled on crib wraps from Trend Lab - made from a soft material on top with a waterproof barrier on the bottom and not hideous to look at - they seemed like the right choice to solve the problem. None of the local stores around me carried them in stock of course, so we had to wait on them to be shipped to us, but fortunately no further crib destruction happened during the waiting period.

The crib now looks like this (with tooth marks on one side):

The upshot is... Cupcake had one of her front teeth come in that day, so I suppose at least the gnawing on the crib wasn't without purpose. I would say, if you have a child between 6 -8 months of age... I would go ahead and just start working on finding some crib covers for the crib at your house, lest you have a crib that ends up looking like ours.

Crib wrap covers can be found on & Babies R US, and are available in a variety of colors:

(Disclaimer: This review was done independently. The writer is not affiliated with the aforementioned companies and received no monetary compensation for this review.)


  1. Sorry but it just makes me laugh how bad she chewed that crib! lol

  2. That's all I could do was laugh too! LOL!