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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Louis Vuitton Vernis Color Comparison: Rouge Fauviste vs. Violette

I received this request via Facebook, so I figured... why not just go ahead and do a blog post on it!

Rouge Fauviste and Violette are two similar (yet strikingly different) Vernis colors released by Louis Vuitton in recent years. Violette was released around the 2007 time frame and is now discontinued (no longer available in stores), while Rouge Fauviste was released in 2010 and is still available in your local boutique and online at

Violette Sarah wallet (left) vs. Rouge Fauviste Business Card holder (right):

Purple and pink are my two favorite colors, with maroon being my favorite "grown up" color. So of course, Vuitton Vernis is a big hit with me, because it is available in so many gorgeous colors - especially those in my favorite color groups. I've had Violette pieces for a few years and they've held up extraordinarily well. I've used my Sarah wallet daily for two years and just recently had my first issue with the edge chipping (on my trip to Florida actually) in a very minor spot. So although I've now finally experienced what people mean when they say by the "edges chipping" on Vernis, I still wouldn't hesitate to buy more pieces of Vernis in the future - because all in all, with daily wear it still looks great.

Violette is a shimmery true purple color, that looks darker indoors and is a brighter purple in natural or outdoor light. The flash helps to bring out it's true color:

Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse, Sarah Wallet, & Cles - all in Violette Vernis

Rouge Fauviste is a shimmery burgundy color - that has red and purple undertones. When in darker, indoor light, these two colors look more alike - but when they are in natural light (or under flash) their differences really shine.
Louis Vuitton Brea MM, Zippy Coin Purse, & Business Card Holder - all in Rouge Fauviste Vernis
So which should you get, if you're deciding between these two colors?

Well, really it comes down to personal preference of course - and I do love them both... I have to say though, that Rouge Fauviste is currently pulling ahead as my favorite Vernis color. It is pretty to look at and a light enough Vernis color that it can easily be found in bags with a dark lined interior. However, it's dark enough that you don't have to worry about wear issues like color transfer or yellowing. I like that Rouge Fauviste is a more subtle and sophisticated shade than Violette, which is a playful color but you probably really have to love purple for it to appeal to you.
Exterior: Rouge Fauviste vs. Violette

Interior: Violette vs. Rouge Fauviste
So the bottom line is, they are both great colors and have a number of beautiful items available in each color. It really comes down to which is most appealing to you, and if you like both equally - then whether you want to have to search on the second hand market to find a Violette item (which is no longer in stores) or if you would prefer to be able to buy something new directly from LV. I recommend getting something in each color!


  1. In bright like you can really see the difference. I'm like you. Love violet and rouge. But I love the Pomme too! Vernis makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :-)

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