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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My handbag collection: Louis Vuitton

Actually not my whole handbag collection... but just the Louis Vuitton pieces. I haven't taken updated pictures since October, so my videos and pictures are slightly out of date - but until I can get new videos made and new pictures taken... I thought these would do.

Louis Vuitton became my brand of choice after I had Cupcake, as it just seemed like the most durable (and baby friendly) option. Prior to that I was deeply immersed in all that is Balenciaga, and while I still enjoy looking at bbags, they are just aren't as practical for my life right now. (That doesn't stop me from wanting a Pourpre GSH Part-Time though.)

I need to carry one purse a day with me, and only so much time to use the ones I have.... so I've narrowed my collection down considerably from what it used to be. Besides, the only places I go in a day are usually the post office and Target - with the rare special even thrown in, so I really don't have a huge need to have a massive collection right now. That being said, I do occasionally miss some of the bags I've parted with and wish I would have maybe kept... just a few more of them.

In any case, these are my most recent videos and pictures for my Louis Vuitton collection, I don't have any pictures of all of the brands together.

Showing my collection through video all started when one night I got the urge to try taking a video with my new cell phone I had at the time (a LG KS360, which was the European version of the LG Neon released a few years prior to when it was available in the US) - I just took it to show on a forum as a part of a bag collection thread, and never dreamed it would get as many hits as it has. Today it has over 32,000 views.

LV Bag Collection Video from 2009:

This is the updated bag collection video that I posted at the end of 2010:

And the LV accessory collection that I uploaded around the same time as the bag collection video from 2010:

I've also done a few "What's in my bag" videos on You Tube, as well as some handbag reviews - which I'll upload in a separate blog post. Just thought since my main love is bags - that it was time I shared some of my collection with you!

Here are some recent pictures in October 2010:
Collection as of October 2010 (2011 update in parenthesis): Damier Hampstead MM (sold), Damier Trunks & Bags Cles (sold) Damier Neverful MM, Brea MM Rouge Fauviste, Palermo GM (sold to get PM size), Montorgueil GM, Damier Toiletry 15, Rouge Fauviste Business Card Holder, Rouge Fauviste Zippy Coin Purse, Framboise Agenda (sold), Tapage Bag Charm, Luggage tag, Map bandeau in Cassis, Comete bandeau in Violette, Sarah Wallet in Violette, Large Cles in Violette, Monogram Pochette, Monogram Affiche Mini Pochette, Affiche Bag Charm (sold)

Louis Vuitton Brea MM in Rouge Fauviste

Most of which I still have - with a few deletes as noted in parenthesis, but a few additions as well:
Added: Palermo PM

Added: Azur Totally MM

Added: Leopard Bandeau in Marron

Added: Leopard Bandeau in Blanc Corail

Added: Violette Vernis Cosmetic

Hope you have enjoyed my LV handbag collection look book! I'll try to blog in the future a post with the other brands I have as well!


  1. Love the peak at your collection...would be great to see your other bags! I've been craving a Damier Ebene LV - but I want to get a Bal bag first.

  2. omg.... you have some beautiful bags, :)

  3. Thank you! :) Also following vanityseeker!

    I will try to post up my other bags soon, although my collection is very LV heavy right now - so this is the majority of it. I used to have a lot of Balenciaga, but decided it wasn't as "baby friendly" - so I sold a bunch of them when I was pregnant. I still love bbags though! :)