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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My new Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag!

So this is new to me and part of a trade that I did at the end of February. It just arrived and I cannot wait to load it up with my goodies!

Presenting my new Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Case in Violette!

The back story behind this little cutie is that I actually used to own this same color cosmetic case about two years ago, but couldn't bear to use it because it was just too adorable... so I sold it. (I was also still on the way to finding out that LV is the brand that works best for my life!) After a while, I decided that it would be a handy little thing to have, so I wanted to track one down again. As luck would have it, one came available through a private sales area for authentic designer items and I had a bag charm available that the seller was looking for - so it worked out to do a trade!

This time around I'm going to make a point of using the cosmetic case, because something this cute deserves to be used! I've also learned how well Vernis holds up, after continually using my Violette Vernis Sarah Wallet for the past few years... so I have fewer concerns now about the durability of Vernis. I know it's a tough material now!

Violette is also one of my favorite Vernis colors! It's now discontinued and was available around 2007-2008 in Louis Vuitton boutiques. It's a beautiful deep purple color that is playful and fun to see down inside of your bag!

Here's my current Violette family:

So if you've been considering a Vernis accessory, but haven't taken the plunge due to concerns over how it's going to look after period of time... my advice would be - GET IT!! It's so beautiful and really more durable than it appears it's going to be, I've had no issues with the darker Vernis colors. (Although there are reports that lighter colors can be prone to yellowing or color transfer.) Violette is no longer available in stores, so your  only chance to get this color is now on the second hand market. Make sure to get it authenticated before your purchase, to make sure that it an authentic Louis Vuitton piece!


  1. I bought the Zippy Coin Purse. n_n It'll be my IT wallet for the next 5 years.

  2. Congrats on your new wallet! The ZCP is such a cute little wallet & I'm sure you'll get tons of use out it! :) I have one in Rouge Fauviste and it's just an adorable wallet!

    ~ Di