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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why I heart Zoya nail polish!

You've probably seen me post about Zoya a time or two (and two Zoya polishes are also included in the first giveaway!), so I figured it was worth a post to tell you why I love this nail polish so much!

I stumbled upon Zoya by chance and ordered my first Zoya polishes during the "Three Free" promotion. It was instant love! The packaging design is pretty, there are colors galore to choose from, and the polishes are named after females, with rockin' names like Rihanna, Lola, and Uma! The company has great promotions that usually happen every few months, and the best part is, all of their polishes are five FREE! (Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), and Camphor free. Also vegan friendly.) So they are better to use to paint your own nails and safer than a regular nail polish for children to use.

I used to be exclusively an OPI wearer, but Zoya has helped to open up my nail polish collection to new things. Zoya is touted as being the "longest wearing natural nail polish", and I've found for most colors this is true. Miraculously, with the majority of the colors I've purchased, they do have a longer wear time than my OPI or other brand polishes. And I am pretty hard on my nails, with a baby that you're constantly using your hands to make bottles, change diapers, and pick up - along with a decent amount of typing on the computer keyboard during the day - my fingernails get a workout.

And let me just go ahead and put it out there, that I do NOT have an exclusively all about nail polish blog, because I have short (let's just be honest, kind of ugly) fingernails that refuse to grow no matter what I try on them and some short little fingers to go along with the tiny nails. (I did not win the genetic pool on this one, my sister definitely took the genetic prize for best nails.) I actually had a girl that worked in a nail salon giggle at my nails after giving me a manicure, and say, "looks like little girl's hands" one time. Which I had no snappy retort for, because, well... they DID.

In any case, I still really like playing around with nail polish and having a vast array of colors on hand. I also feel good about using Zoya polishes, knowing that they have fewer chemicals than the other brands I had been using. Now I just need to sort out a better polish remover, because the cheap stuff from Target I have been using is wrecking my nails...

So here are some of my favorite Zoya colors so far, but please - no giggling at my "little girl nails".

Zoya Mata Hari - My favorite color so far!

Zoya Deidra - my second favorite!

Zoya Brooke (Honorable Mention)

Zoya Divincia (Honorable Mention)

I'll have to share my FULL Zoya wishlist in a future blog, because it's quite comical. It takes up about one entire sheet of large sized agenda paper.

So to give me more ideas of what should end up on my own wishlist...What are YOUR favorite Zoya colors?


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