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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Florida Fun! - Part 1

Well, I'm still in catch up mode after getting back from our trip and just now getting around to blogging about the trip itself! Suitcases are still yet to be unpacked... my house is a wreck... but it was a fun week and worth all of the disorganization going on around here right now!

The first part of our trip was in Orlando, Florida, and of course you cannot go to Orlando without heading over to Disney World!
Personal picture taken from the Ferry Boat dock

Personal picture of Mickey & Minnie in front of Cinderella's Castle

Cupcake was excited (albeit tired) going into the park on the tram, because she could tell that something special was going on today!

Mommy & Cupcake on the tram into Walt Disney World
Watching Cupcake take in all of the new sights and sounds at Disney World was an absolute joy! I have to say, I think that going to Disney World with a child, may be even more fun then what it was like to go as a child. (Maybe.) In either case, watching her reactions and seeing what rides she liked the best was good fun! Two of her grandparents that live in Florida (my dad and hubby's mom) were also able to go into the theme park with us and take part in seeing their granddaughter's first Disney World experience!

Cupcake's first Disney ride! The Tomorrowland People Mover
Unfortunately, we did go during Spring Break season and there were quite a few long lines in the park... so we opted to go on just a few "Cupcake friendly" rides this trip, and save standing in the longer lines for the rides that were more for the "big kids" (i.e. us). Luckily the grandparents on hand were more than happy to go find a shady spot and hang out with Cupcake for 45 minutes, while the big kids rode Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and so on.

We also took in a few shows while we were there... we went in 'Carousel of Progress' during Cupcake's first nap time and it put her to sleep!
Cupcake asleep on Daddy after the 'Carousel of Progress' Disney show
The highlight of the day though, was Cupcake on 'It's a Small World', without a doubt - it was her favorite ride in Walt Disney World. She giggled and danced her way though it.

Cupcake bouncing her way though 'It's a Small World'

All in all, it was a great day at Disney and we all came out exhausted.... Cupcake crashed on the monorail on the way back to the parking lot.

After a long and exciting day, Cupcake was ready to call it an evening!
The next day we went to Universal's Islands of Adventure... primarily to see the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter! In tomorrow's blog post I'll share the experiences we had there!


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