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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perfume Atomizers...

I love when you open a magazine, to find something sitting in the pages that you were already hunting down or contemplating getting. It just kind of gives you that feeling of being on point, and honestly... it's also just nice because it gives you another store reference of where to find the item!

This happened to me most recently when I was flipping through (back to front, of course) my Lucky (shopping & style) magazine this weekend. I have no idea why I back to front - but for some reason it helps me take in the information better.

As I was flipping through, I found on page 113 of the April 2011 edition, something I had been on the hunt for over a month now - a perfume atomizer!

Available on (Currently sold out)

I love these things... they remind me of my childhood, when I would sneak into my grandmother's bedroom and stare at her vanity, knowing I wasn't supposed to touch anything on it. She had a small dainty ring box that played music when you opened it and was a shimmery golden color. From what I remember, the top had a mother of pearl inset that had a picture of a peacock... or a piano... or something majestic. Or maybe it was shaped like a piano... in any case, I just wanted to open it, and close it. And open it...

It was one of those traditional vanity areas, that had a mirrored tray that everything set on, a beautiful comb and brush that always sat on there, and I'm sure there were other bits that were on there as well. It's interesting how the mind always remembers the things that made the most impression on us.

I was most intrigued by a beautiful perfume atomizer, that had the long string that hung off of it, with a tassel on the ball at the end. (I obviously don't know the technical names for all of these pieces.) I wanted to be an adult, right there, right then. I wanted to brush my hair with the brush, put on makeup while looking in the mirror, and spritz on a dash of perfume with this regal atomizer before walking out the door to go somewhere important.

As best as I can recall, I don't think I ever did spray that atomizer - but it did make a lasting impression on me. It's been on my mind for the past month or so after seeing an atomizer during at trip to Hobby Lobby in February... and I've contemplated getting one for my dresser ever since. I know I want to get one, but I would love to find one that resembles the one that I have in my mind from my grandmother's vanity, a beautiful rose gold colored glass with a cream atomizer.

For now though, I may have to be content with the various reproductions that are available at retail outlets like hobby - for at very least an atomizer that I want to be able to use. I do remember while visiting antique stores in Missouri one time four or five years ago, then the one downside to vintage perfume atomizers is usually that had residual perfume leftover in them, and have an "old perfume" smell to them. So great for home decor, but not as great if you want to actually be able to use it to put your own perfume in them.

So maybe atomizers have been something I've always wanted to get as an adult, since I remember intently looking at them on that trip in Missouri, but always putting them back for some reason. I think it's time I finally gave in, and added a pretty perfume atomizer to the perfume area on my dresser...


  1. So pretty and vintage. I've been actually looking for one too! I remember my granny used to have one and I always loved playing with it =)

  2. I love atomizers! I have one that I bought in Italy 10 years ago but I haven't been able to use it because the perfumes I wear come in bottles that are impossible to fully open. I even tried sawing a bottle open so that I could transfer the liquid. Major fail. :(

  3. LOL... oh no! I thought about that - if I didn't have a perfume bottle that I could open...