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Saturday, March 26, 2011

You Tube Viewer Request! Louis Vuitton Totally MM vs. Neverfull MM Handbags

Today's You Tube video is a viewer request from a viewer that saw my Totally MM reveal video and was asking for a review since they were trying to figure out whether to get a Totally or Neverfull for their next handbag.

Since I own a Neverfull MM as well, I figured I would do a quick comparison between the two to hopefully help them make a decision. They are both great totes, the biggest differences are the zipper or non-zippered, and.... price. So really it comes down to deciding how important a zipper is to you - and how much you're willing to pay for a zipper.

Also, the Totally MM is not available in Damier Ebene, while the Neverfull MM is available in all three canvas options - Monogram, Damier Ebene, and Azur.

I've also gotten to use the Totally MM since I made this video... and let me just say - I love this bag! It's very easy to use and I really like that it is the same shape as the Neverfull, but has the zipper closure. I like the added security, and not having to worry if I'm bending over to do something with Cupcake about things falling out.

So overall, I think the Totally MM is the winner... truly, if they made it in the Damier Ebene color, it might possibly be the best LV tote handbag ever. (Please, Louis Vuitton - we beg you, make this bag!!) Actually, there's no "possibly" about it... the Totally MM in Damier Ebene would be the perfect LV tote bag.

Hope this comparison helps anyone out there that may be deciding between the two. Thanks for watching!

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