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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coach Preferred Customer Event (PCE) - March 2011

Hmmm... being my first post on Coach and all, this should probably be more product oriented - but unfortunately it's mostly just informational. Like many other handbag enthusiasts, Coach was the brand that I "started out" with, over time lost interest in, and eventually led me to move on to using other handbag brands. It's been a few years since I could actually rattle off information about Coach's product lines (I used to know bags by their style number, sad - but true) and I've made steps to erase the entire graffiti-inspired, sequin laden, too much going on (for me personally) recent lines from my mind. It does seem that with it's new Spring 2011 releases, that Coach is making efforts to reform appealing to their inner 12 year old, and going back to appealing to their refined, classic design heritage.

The Coach Preferred Customer Event (otherwise herein known as "PCE", because let's face it - that's faster to type) is an event that happens every 3 months or so, in Coach boutiques where their "regulars" are sent a coupon in the mail for a percentage off their total purchase for a period of about 2 weeks. I learned about PCE about 5 years ago, when I received my first PCE card in the mail - I was exclusively into Coach back then and nothing short of giddy when it arrived. You feel like you've won some sort of Wonka-like ticket, just for being you.

Receiving a PCE "ticket" really seems to be hit or miss after you've gotten your first one though, there were times when I was purchasing things regularly and wouldn't receive the golden ticket in the mail - however other times I would go for months without having even stepped foot in the door at a Coach boutique and be included in the next PCE mailing. And also vice versa. The first few times you bring the coupon in to purchase something, it's great. You feel elated that you've gotten a deal and didn't have to purchase something full price, and maybe even feel like you should buy a little extra something because of that. ;)

As time goes on though, it quickly becomes like Michael's (the crafting store that has 40% off coupons available for everyday of the year), where you realize - you never should buy anything at regular price ever again - because everything is either going to be available to you at a discount soon enough or it's just going to go to the outlets and be available at a discount there. That's quite a quandary for a store in the luxury category. As I would be checking out with my PCE card, I couldn't help but think of all of the poor unsuspecting souls in the store getting ready to check out at full price. And so, I guess as should be expected as a part of the natural order of things, it almost may contribute to helping you lose interest in the brand all together and move onto other brands. That don't "go on sale".

In any case, the PCE is currently going on in Coach stores through March 13th, 2011, and the coupon card is for 25% off your entire purchase. However if you didn't receive one and have already formed a relationship with a sales associate at your local boutique, it never hurts to ask. I've heard of them letting you use the discount if you know about it and politely ask your regular sales associate if you can use it.

Since I can't leave you with just all of those wordy word words above, without anything pretty to look at - here are MY picks from Coach for Spring 2011:

Coach Kristin Leather Hobo in Champagne, $298

Coach Buffy Heel in Beige, $198

Coach Larissa Sunglasses, $178

And really... since we all know that I couldn't stay upright in the Buffy heels while chasing after a pre-toddler even if I wanted to - these are the shoes that I would more likely be seen in:

Coach Maria Sandals, $78

Products available on the Coach website

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