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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hooray - New Carpet!

I would have preferred a new handbag... but you know, potatoe, pahtatoe.

Our carpet that we ordered from Home Depot arrived yesterday and what can I say... it's not concrete floors! I have a feeling I'll have a much better opinion of it once our furniture is all moved back in, but for now I'm just happy that it's not concrete.

It has a slight square design to it and the walking scuffs don't show up as much in real life as they do in my pictures. I tried to get a color of carpet that would compliment the wall colors down there and also go with our couch color. (Plus something a bit more stain resistant than what was down there before, since we have 2 cats + 1 kid.)

I ended up ordering a 100% nylon carpet that was made by Martha Stewart from Home Depot. (Not because it was by Martha Stewart mind you... but because it was 100% nylon and on sale.) Apparently, nylon is supposed to be better for carpeting than the polyester type, and wear better in the long-term as well. (And if anyone knows to the contrary... do not tell me!! We just spent the equivalent of a really nice handbag, some cute shoes, the start of a Spring wardrobe, and possibly a wedding band upgrade on this stuff!)

So without further ado...  the before - yucky concrete (after the old carpet was pulled up), bare wood on the stairs, and an unusable room:

And the after:

Please tell me it was worth it. That's all I want to hear... even if it maybe wasn't... just tell me it's fabulous regardless.

Oh, and Cupcake seems to like the new carpet too:


  1. looks good to me. i hope yours stays cleaner than mine!

  2. Thanks! Hoping it stays clean for just a little while too!

  3. yeah I can totally relate to this - my husband and I just moved into our first house a few months ago and we have had to make a lot of expensive upgrades. I always think about the other things I could be buying with the money :)

    xo Jess

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  5. hi there- newest follower from blog hop wednesday. love the carpet. thanks for the info on nylon carpet! desperately seeking new carpet.
    would love a visit and return follow...

  6. It's nice and Cupcake seems to like it a lot as well! Really, it's kinda fun to walk around a new clean carpet, no? Just do a bit of cleaning regularly and it will look beautiful for a long time.

    -Lyda Tavorn