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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Deal of the Week

Well the deal of the week for me actually would have been the 3 green nail polish for $5 deal from Zoya that was supposed to run from March 4- 7 seen here:

However, no sooner than I had posted it on FAF and gone to take a shower... it had sold out. So it apparently was the deal of the week for some people, just not me. I hear from Zoya's Facebook page that there is supposed to be a big promotion coming up that you need a Zoya account for, so stay tuned.

So instead, while wandering through the Gap yesterday, I found MY deal of the week sitting in a pile of cardigans with a giant sale sign over them! (I love a good sale... and tell me something is on sale in the Gap? I'm ready to start digging for my size.) They had button down, light weight cardigans and light weight v-neck sweaters for $13.99. YES, $13.99!! Crazy!

So run. Don't walk, down to your local Gap today and see if they have an equally awesome deal on cardigans in your store! I will say that it's a light weight almost sheer material, that feels more like Gap Outlet quality than regular Gap so I'm not sure what kind of longevity it's going to have, but for $13.99 it's a great piece to just be able to mix & match with. And it looks adorable on, they had plenty of colors to choose from (pink, navy, blue, green, lilac, eggplant) - so I'm thinking I might need to go back and get one more of these babies...

Cupcake also got some new socks that were on sale for 99 cents a piece (super sale!)... in her new "big girl" size, 12-24m. *sniff*

So all in all, at least it wasn't a total shopping deal bust kind of day. ;)


  1. Oh my, i'm going to have to stop in the GAP today. Are you going to get us in more trouble posting all these deals.

  2. LOL!! That's my hope. Misery loves company. ;)

  3. now I have to get to GAP today!!! Who doesn't love cardigans!

  4. LOL, I know what you mean CC Mom. I forgot to go to the GAP today. That's probably a good thing. But I did go to Victoria's Secret to buy the new Bra. :-) I will stop at by GAP tomorrow.