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Sunday, March 27, 2011

For the Birds... Favorite Etsy Cosmetic Bag Finds

Searching through Etsy is great fun, because you never know what you're going to find. It's a great place to find whimsical things for kids (especially girls) and their rooms. I occasionally like to just do a random searches on there sometimes, where I just put in a string of words together and see what comes up.

One combination that I've found is particularly fun to search for is "bird" items, because there are all sorts of cute things that come up! Specifically, "bird cosmetic" has become a favorite to just search and see what is available.

This adorable cosmetic case would be adorable to carry odd and ends inside of a diaper bag:, $16 - Seller: Linascorner

This cosmetic is a bit more grown up and would look cute for Mommy to grab out of the diaper bag to run into Starbucks or where ever she needed to go:, $24 - Seller: vonicadesigns

I also love this little flat one to stash extra lip glosses or store loyalty cards..., $6 - Seller: JPATPURSES
And this little frame pouch is unique, seems easy to use, and just makes me think Spring!, $28 - Seller: fieldofroses
So if birds make you think Spring as well... head over to Etsy and check out the huge selection of adorable bird cosmetic bags!

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