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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Happy 2011 present!! Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Curved Wedding Band!

I cannot believe I haven't posted about this yet!

I was so excited to receive a "Happy 2011" present at the end of December from my hubby. I mentioned in the past about the upgraded wedding ring that I've been wanting forever from Tiffany & Co... and I guess I finally wore him down enough about it - because hubby gave me the green light to go ahead and order it! I've been eyeing it for years, so I was super excited!

It was kind of a happy "5 year" anniversary (even though we were married 6 years this year - but we were kind of busy around the 5 year mark and it came & went...), along with "happy new baby", and just "happy year" to commemorate 2011 with his new job and all of that good stuff...

Here's what my set looked like before, I never felt like the plain 2mm platinum band suited my engagement ring, because of the gap under the trillion diamonds.

Without further ado, the Elsa Peretti platinum curved wedding band!

And with my engagement ring! (After it had been cleaned at the jewelry store!! Sorry its so dirty in the before pictures! I didn't realize it until I saw the pictures after it had been cleaned! Whew!)

I absolutely love it! This is definitely an upgrade that will last me a long time and I think it works as a great "frame" for my engagement ring! Love!

(Nail polish color on my nails is Zoya Pandora.)


  1. “Upgrade” is right! It’s definitely a huge improvement from your previous wedding band! (Not to say that the other one wasn’t special, of course, haha!) This new one is more contemporary, plus the stones in the new one complement the stones in your engagement ring, instead of just sitting there on your finger like an ordinary gold band. It’s a beautiful ring. Congratulations, and (belated) happy anniversary!


  2. Your ring is a great gift for your fifth wedding anniversary! I feel glad for people who are still deeply in love with each other even after a long time. And yes, you're one of those people. Congratulations, and may you have many more years to come, both you and your family! :)


  3. You Really have Good collections. Thanks for Sharing.