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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Whew! So it's been over a month since we embarked on our move and I've been able to update the blog... apparently I'm only capable of focusing on one thing at a time! I've obviously got a lot of catching up to do... and I've also found some great products over the past month that I want to share with ya'll - but for now... the my thoughts on the highlights!

- We moved from Michigan to Illinois and are still in the process of getting settled in at the new house. I was able to at least get the girls' rooms to a minimal level of "done" and have a few pictures to share at the end of this blog post of my start on them!

- Adjusting to a new area has been a lot harder with this move than I ever anticipated. Moving with children is a totally different ball game than our previous between states move that we did before we had kids... You get so into a routine as a Stay-at-Home Mom and develop such a support system (no matter how big or small) - that it really is a shock to the system when you not only have to deal with a cranky kiddo in the middle of Target, but then also have to use up energy trying to figure out where the darned Ziploc bags are placed in the store too!

- Baby Bean (still no permanent nickname! still a girl!) is still cooking and seems to be doing well. We did have a slight scare after we moved over here when my new doctor ordered a growth ultrasound (since all of my previous ones had been done in Michigan) and the results came back that they thought the baby wasn't growing enough/too small. (10th percentile) Thus started a whirlwind schedule of twice weekly appointments to the regular doctor's office, additional appointments with the maternal fetal medicine doctor, and the like... Currently, the conclusion is that they are thinking that Baby Bean is just meant to be a smaller child - but are keeping a close eye on me none the less.

- I'm currently 38 weeks, so we're in the home stretch!

- We still love hair bows, but have taken to also occasionally putting Cupcake's hair into a pony tail out of necessity... sometimes it is the only hair style she will leave alone!

- Our new location doesn't have neeeear the shop-portunities that our previous location did. This is leading to a LOT of online ordering. I may become a pro at finding deals online while we are here, and also have some exciting cashback tips too!

- I've gotten a few new handbags that I'll share with you in a future blog post... some that I think will work great, others that I've decided aren't going to work for my lifestyle. So I'll share a review of all of those at some point and also still on my "to do" list is the Best Mommy Bags video - I haven't forgotten! (Here's a sneak peak... the Balenciaga Work unfortunately is not going to make the list!)

Here are some pictures of the girls' work in progress rooms!

The jungle animal themed room...

And the beginnings of our cupcake tea party room...

I know... a lot of work yet to be done. 

So I hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween!! Cupcake is dressing up as a monkey this evening, and then her little stuffed monkey that she carries around everywhere with her is dressing up as... her! (Bow in hair, wearing a onesie, etc.) I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures and having a fun Halloween! It's one of our favorite holidays, right after Christmas & Thanksgiving! Be safe everyone!

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