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Friday, May 13, 2011

This 'n' That!

Well the cupcake-themed birthday supplies have arrived, and it's hard to believe that in a little over a week we'll be celebrating Cupcake's 1st birthday!

I also ordered some personalized party supplies, but you're going to have to be surprised and wait until after the party to see pictures of those. ;)

There are a few beauty things that I need to do separate reviews on once things settle down around here... I've been using the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation for the past week - and I have to say, I am loving it! It goes on really well and once it is on, it gives a nice look that isn't overly done. The best part is, I don't "feel" like I'm wearing liquid foundation, which is one of my biggest gripes about a lot of too heavy liquid foundations... when you feel like they're actually adding weight to your face!

I also received my Zoya Earth Day promotion nail polish order, and never shared my haul from that. I still need to swatch each individual color - but I do have to say that I found some gems! I absolutely loving Areej, Lillith, and Reece!

From left to right: Rihana, Kierra, Hope, Charisma, Lillith, Areej, Dana, Reece, Tallulah, Adina, Brizia, Uma, & Anne

My favorites: Kierra, Hope, Areej, Reece, and Brizia

And a bonus close up shot of my absolute favorite... Zoya Reece

I was excited to receive them all and get my nail polish stocked full of new summer colors! (As well as getting rid of some old polishes that just needed to get tossed anyways.) I hope that Zoya continues to do this promotion in the years to come, because I'll just make the Earth Day promotion my yearly nail polish stock-up time, instead of buying it here & there throughout the year!


  1. Love the zoya polishes - especially Kierra!

    Hope you have a fun cupcake themed party - I'm obsessed with cupcakes too :-)

  2. Happy birthday to Cupcake! :) And oh, I am so jealous of your Zoya nail polish! It must have been like Christmas when they came in the mail!

  3. Love the cupcake theme. Very cute!!! Cute blog!