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Monday, December 17, 2012

Vlogging our Michigan trip!

So vlogging every day is a new thing for me, but it has been quite fun taking part in "Vlogmas" - vlogging every day on YouTube until Christmas (or the end of December - it seems to vary from person to person and we might actually just finish out the entire month)... Some of the videos I'm looking forward to having to look back on - to see how we decorated this year and that sort of thing, while I'm also thinking it will be great to have some firsts, like Natalie taking her first steps this month, on video to look back on as well.

We also vlogged our recent trip to Michigan - where we visited Somerset Collection mall, Great Lakes Crossing, downtown Rochester, and more. It was great to be back and sight see for a bit. Now we're back and with only one week left to go until the holidays are here... package wrapping and gearing up for the holiday festivities will be in full force!

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