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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Battle of the Sippy Cup!

We have woes around our house weaning Peanut from the bottle... just like the old adage says - every child is different. And at my house, this rings especially true - my two girls are VERY different, almost opposites in many ways.

Cupcake was easy to wean off the bottle. She wasn't particular about the type of sippy cup that was used, we started her with them early... introducing them around 4 months and always having them on her trays at meals. Around 6 months she actually would begin to "use" them for some water along with her meal (with her main drink still being formula in her bottle) and by 8-9 months, she was proficient at using the sippy cup herself. She could pick it up and maneuver it around with ease, often times keeping a piece of food in one hand while holding her drink in the other!

At 12 months, we weaned Cupcake from the bottle with ease. The bottle was eliminated cold turkey... bye bye bottle one day, milk in a sippy cup from that point on, easy, breezy. (We did use two different types of cups for water versus milk, so that she associated a certain type of cup with a certain drink. We still do this now at 2.5 years old as well.) A bottle weaning parent's dream.

Peanut? Not so much.

Her first words? "Ba, ba!" Not as in sheep, but as in "Ba-ba, give me my darn bottle RIGHT NOW..." Even now at 13 months, it is her most spoken phrase.

She had eating issues right from the beginning of life - not taking to many kinds of formula, issues with transitioning to the soft Gerber baby foods, and then issues again taking to "regular" table food... always meeting the milestone behind the ages that Cupcake had taken to the foods. I should have know that bottle versus sippy cup would end up in the food woes category. It just takes her a longer time to adapt to change and she isn't fond of change to boot, which is all okay... well, would be okay.'t.for.the.horrific.screaming.

Peanut's new trick that she has also learned in the past month (super fun that it coincides with the timing of weaning off of the bottle) - is to shriek a blood-curdling scream at the top of her lungs when she isn't getting what she wants. Fun. Fun. And more fun!

I put down my foot at the beginning of the week. She is 13.5 months old. By her doctor's appointment for 15 months, we HAD to have made at least some progress on being "off the bottle".

So bye, bye bottle - kind of. We tried cold turkey in the beginning, and it became rapidly obvious that cold turkey would not be working with Peanut. So then we transitioned into putting water in the bottle, milk in a sippy as a little psychology test. She still chose the bottle. The next step was to lay down the gauntlet. Today, I cut slits in the top of the bottle so that it no longer had that smooth flow action for her to even get water. She is not happy.

I will update you on our progress, and I'm still hoping to find a sippy cup that she actually likes. We have yet in our menagerie of cups found one that she has "taken" to... We have them all, Playtex, Nuby, Tommee Tippee, Munchkin, small ones, big ones, ones with handles, ones without handles,ones with straws, hard top... we have the full range. Peanut hates them all.

Don't let that smile fool you! Nothing is standing between this girl and her prized, "ba-ba"! 
How did you wean your toddler that loved their bottle? And what kind of sippy cup did they prefer?

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