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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pre-School at Home Vlog: Week 4

For Week 4 of Pre-School at Home, we had an "Amazing Alphabet" theme! It was a fun week, that involved lots of talking about the letters, singing of the alphabet song, and reading books.

Since Cupcake already knows the 26 letters and order, I focused more on words and what the alphabet can become rather than learning individual letters. We did focus on "A" words, and made an "A is for Alligator craft" and added the "A" words "alligator" and "away" to our board. If I was doing this week with Peanut (who is only 14 months and taking part in activities in a less hands on way, around 18 months I will begin more hands on activities with her as well), I would focus on learning individual letters and alphabet order since she does not know them yet.

We also did a B for Bee and Butterfly craft, since we had the toilet paper rolls available and Cupcake was particularly curious about these:

Craft ideas came from Pinterest, follow my PreSchool Boards on Pinterest:

This week, we also added to our word focus the idea of thinking about the Dolch list of sight words for preschool, which is described more on this KidZone website and the Dolch Word website. Basically these are some of the most used words in the English language, and great sight words to begin with in early reading.

Our worksheets included writing the letter "A" and working on circles again this week.

Exciting things this week... we added a second learning bulletin board to our learning space! This was great because we have more opportunity to put visual items up like the words and going forward in the future - one board will be more rapidly changing while the other will hold the calendar and weather activities.

Stay tuned for next week, when we introduce Wonderful Weather! And talking about weather elements  will become a part of our weekly routine!

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