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Friday, June 10, 2011

Rebecca Minkoff

I had a small foray into the Rebecca Minkoff brand a few years ago, my first RM bag was a Dusty Morning After Mini. A gorgeous color with smooshy leather and silver hardware. (My prefered hardware color.) However it just didn't last long, I was used to Balenciaga leather and styles - and the Dusty color seemed too delicate, too light... for the type of use that I give my bags.

Personal photo - RM Dusty MAM

So it was sold. I've off and on browsed Minkoffs since then, but haven't taken the plunge and tried another one yet. Lately though, I've been getting the urge to give them a try "post-baby" and see what kind of mommy bag a more durable color/leather would be.

This time around, I thought I would go with a durable dark color - like black or navy, that could go with almost anything and be resistant to whatever may be on Cupcake's hands at the moment.

Something like this black Morning After Mini from Luna Boston would be a classic and sure to go with everything:, RM Black MAM, $495

And this cute little tassel by Rebecca Minkoff would make an adorable keychain or bag charm for a pop of color:, RM Teal Tassel, Sale Price $22

However, because of my love of blue - I can't help by feel drawn to this Navy Morning After Mini on Muse Ten's website. It's on sale too!, RM Navy MAM, Sale Price $395

I go in phases where I get bored with one brand and get the urge to branch out to try other things, so we'll see if I indeed give Rebecca Minkoff another chance in the future. It's a fun brand that has styles that have become more of a "classic" like the Morning After and Morning After Mini - so I think it would be great to keep at least one Rebecca Minkoff bag incorporated in my collection.

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  1. I love both! The black is classic but the blue is dark enough to go with everything too. Can't wait to see what you choose