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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pre-School at Home: Week 11 - Telling Time

Week 11 of preschool at home was all about "Telling Time"! In honor of the "Spring forward" time change that we had this week in the United States, we talked a bit about the clock and what the time change would mean for us.

Our art activity was a "T is for Tree" letter activity:

She was also very into painting this week, so I had her paint the back of a paper plate green... and we made a turtle out of it!

We also had a clock that Cupcake decorated and we practiced moving the hands around. (Since she is still only 2 years old, I focused more on the general concept of telling time... rather than an explicit instruction of it.) We counted up to twelve and talked out our schedule, and how telling time helps us be places... on time!

Here's how our letter wall is shaping up!

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