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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sibu Beauty Skincare Line Review + Giveaway!

I've been using Sibu Beauty skincare items for some time now and was happy to receive the offer to review a few complimentary items from Sibu that I had never tried before - the exfoliating scrub and age defying eye cream!

I also had the rest of the daily skincare essentials by Sibu Beauty on hand, so I decided to do a full skincare line review!

Balancing Facial Cleanser - I've been using this product the longest, for over a year now, and I consider it to be one of the best cleansers I've ever tried! It has a nice light scent, and just a light bit of beading in the cleanser, so you feel like you are refreshing and doing a daily exfoliation at the same time. The balancing facial cleanser is 100% natural, so it works great for sensitive skin like mine and while I normally cannot use products with any fragrance on my face - the scent comes from natural lemon and orange oils - so they don't aggravate my skin. Retail on the cleanser is $17.95.

Clarifying Toner - This was a item that I recently purchased from Haute Look and had been wanting to try out. I love the spray pump applicator. It is a light toner, that is great for basic daytime toner and feels very fresh on the skin. Retail price on the toner is $24.95.

Exfoliating Scrub - Sibu sent me an exfoliating scrub to try, and I do love my exfoliators! It looks like it is going to be a lot more gritty than it feels like, but once it is on your skin - it provides a nice light exfoliation that I would not hesitant to use weekly. The scent is slightly strongly stronger than with other items from the skincare line, but still isn't overpowering. Retail price is $19.95.

Repair & Protect Facial Cream - The repair & protect facial cream is a light daytime moisturizer that is especially good for warmer months. I've found that my container has lasted for a long amount of time with daily use and made my skin feel especially nice when used in conjuction with other Sibu Beauty skincare items. Retail price on the repair & protect facial cream is $20.95.

Age Defying Eye Cream - The age defying eye cream was another item sent to me by Sibu Beauty, and I have to say... it is a new favorite! I occasionally get dark circles under my eyes when I haven't had enough sleep, and I found it to be effective. It was nice and light, absorbed into my skin nicely, and didn't feel greasy at all. Retail price on the eye cream is $24.95

Final Verdict:
 - I love that Sibu Beauty skincare line brightens my skin and makes it feel nice as well. My favorite products from the line up are the balancing facial cleanser and the age defying eye cream. The cleanser has been a favorite for a while, and the eye cream is a new favorite! The eye cream seems to give me nice results, and the retail price is less than comparable eye creams that I've tried that give similar results! So overall, this skincare line has been a great find for me and I really enjoy using it!


Check out my YouTube video for how to win a full size balancing facial cleanser by Sibu Beauty! Giveaway ends April 4, 2013!

FTC Disclaimer: Items in this blog post were sent complimentary from Sibu Beauty for purposes of review. Those items were noted in the text. All opinions are my own.

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