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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pre-School at Home: Week 8 & 9

The weeks have been flying by and we've been keeping busy with play dates, lessons, and more! It is shaping up to be a busy Spring for us!

We've continued Pre-School at Home, even through our busiest weeks. Here's an update on the last few weeks of preschool at home.

Week 8

Week 8 was the final week in February and all about "Outstanding Opposites"!

We had a lot of additional activities, so we used week 8 as a reinforcement week for a concept that Cupcake had already been introduced to. We talking about opposites, read books about opposites, and also did an adorable "O is for Owl" craft!

Week 9

Week 9 was a celebration of Dr. Seuss! One of our favorite children's authors around our house! Dr. Seuss' birthday was March 2nd. Week 9 was "Incredible Imagination" and also appropriately... Seuss Week!

We had lots of fun reading all kinds of books by Dr. Seuss, making Seuss crafts, and even sharing some of our favorite Seuss quotes!

Some of our favorite Seuss books:

The Truffula Tree craft was one of my favorites!

The "Thing 1 & Thing 2" crafts with pictures of the girls' faces were also quite adorable! (Their hand prints are the hair! Check out our video blog above for details on how to do the crafts!)

And our letter art of the week was "I is for Ice Cream"!

Following the crafts we're completing and more at Pinterest:

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