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Monday, March 26, 2012

Let the 2nd birthday party planning... begin!

Cupcake's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching and we settled on a "Super Why!" theme because she's so into the show right now!

Thanks to "Super Why!" and incorporating a bit of an 'ABC' theme into her already cupcake filled room (we kind of going for a combination theme these days...) - she's learned all 26 letters within a few short months! I figured that was cause enough for "Super Why!" to earn the coveted birthday theme! We are planning on just having a low-key backyard birthday party, but a theme always seems like the appropriate thing to do for (kids) birthday parties.

If you don't know what "Super Why!" is, it is a show aimed at preschools that explores fairy tale books to solve problems going on in Storybook Village. There are four adorable characters that each have special powers to help in solving problems in each episode: alphabet, word, spelling, and reading. And of course Super YOU, with the power to help! (Cupcake has started saying her name when they say, "Say your name"... so adorable!)

My stroke of genius (in my humble opinion, of course) in the party planning came when I thought of the idea to make our backyard into "Storybook Village". And to have different stations with different fairy tale themes that coordinate with the activity at that station.

She just got an outdoor play house... that could be turned into the "Book Club".

A station with building blocks could be "The Three Little Pigs".

A station with bubbles could be "Cinderella"... (wands for Fairy Godmother's wand!).

A station with a mini bounce house could be "The Princess and the Pea" (bounce house for the bed in the story).

My husband just rolls his eyes whenever I bring up the party planning, but I think it would turn out cute! Let the planning begin!

I've started a Pinterest board to put project ideas and eventually post the final outcome! Feel free to follow along!


  1. Aww so cute! Hope she has a very happy birthday!

  2. Thanks! Birthdays are one of my favorite holidays! Always so fun to plan! :)