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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Product Review: Toe Juice Foot Rejuvenation & Hog Wash Hand Sanitizer

I was sent a few products to try by GCubed LLC and wanted to share what I thought about them with you guys! Review of two skin care products - Toe Juice & Hog Wash!

Toe Juice, an "it can do it all" liquid that is supposed to cure a number of skin ailments, the main one being dry, cracked, or rough skin. I tested this product on my feet, around the edges where I get caluses and tend to need (i.e. want) a pedicure every few weeks to feel like my feet are comfortable and presentable. After a few weeks of using Toe Juice, I did notice that my feet remained softer, and that I could go longer between pedicures if needed. It is easy to apply, I found that it was most easily applied on a cotton ball and wiped on the foot. Available at,,,, and some brick & mortar retailers. If you're in the Chicagoland area, Jewel Osco carries it.

My verdict: I think that Toe Juice is a great product and I would like to continue using it in the future. Especially for those times when I'm too busy to get in for a pedicure, after consistent use... I think it could buy me an extra week or two between pedicure visits.

Hog Wash is a clear hand sanitizer that is supposed to make your hands softer and not over dry them like some sanitizers can. After a week and a half of occasional use (after diaper changes, etc.) I did find that it was not drying and did make my hands feel a bit smoother, like you had put a small amount of lotion on. The consistancy was slightly sticky after application, which can be a bit tricky if you're needing to scoop up a baby immediately after applying it - however it wasn't as bad as other hand sanitizers I've tried in the past. All in all, it doesn't over dry and is just a good basic sanitizer with a light lemon smell. Plus it has a cute name to boot.

My verdict: It is a good basic hand sanitizer for when you don't want some thing fragranced and are on the go. This would be something I would throw in the back of my vehicle for "on the go" diaper changes and other unfortunate instances like that, that require hand sanitization on the go. ;)

To try a FREE 1 oz bottle of Toe Juice, go to and enter code, "1ozfree". You only pay for shipping and handling, and the 1 oz bottle of Toe Juice will be free to try!

If you'd like to watch my review as well, here it is in video form!

I will also have a chance to win a travel size of BOTH products in an upcoming giveaway! Look for a future video in the next week with more details!

*Please note that the products in this review were sent to the reviewer by the aforementioned company to perform an independent review. I've given my honest opinions on the products mentioned.

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