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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Comme des Garcons

If you remember from my St. Patrick's Day accessories post, I have a fondness for the Commes des Garcons clover print accessories collection. I actually like the turquoise color the best, a bright robin's egg blue that would make you smile every time you open up your bag.

The large wallet is my absolute favorite, it seems so organized and functional on the inside, perfect for a vacation to keep everything in order., Comme des Garcons Large Wallet in Turquoise, $368
The large pouch is my second favorite, as it's probably one of the most functional styles and would be great to carry bits in your handbag or even used to toss down inside of a diaper bag., Comme des Garcons Large Pouch in Turquoise, $138
And of course this little mini wallet is probably one of the cutest items of all (albeit maybe not that functional) - the wallet has a little pouch in the interior that tips out and is perfect to keep coins in.
www.tobi,com, Comme des Garcons Side Zip Wallet in Turquoise, $101
All Comme des Garcons items are available at

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