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Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Deal of the Week: New Entertainment Stand!

The deal of the week around my house this week was a new entertainment stand! The one we had prior had an open front where all of the electronics sat, so Cupcake quickly realized once she was mobile (and especially since she's been able to stand up) that pushing buttons on the electronic things and making them do stuff was fun! (Not so fun for Mommy & Daddy who have to figure out what's she's done to the TIVO or figure out if she's accidentally reset the PS3!!)

So we went on the hunt for a new entertainment stand. We looked at a number of places at the ones in-store... which resulted in a lot of "meh"s - especially after seeing some of the prices!

I turned my search online and kept finding ones that were "just okay" and ridiculously over-priced. (Not really a fan of paying over $400 for "just okay".) Then, a light bulb... Amazon! We've been getting tons of baby stuff from Amazon lately, but for some reason I forget about them for "other" household stuff. A quick search on there revealed that sure enough there was cheaper options AND that these cheaper options were better than "just okay". I actually liked a few of them!

I finally settled on a entertainment stand by Techcraft and we paid a little more for it be shipped to us directly from Amazon, so that we didn't have to worry about some third party seller that realized "oops they didn't have it in stock"... and we end up having to wait for months. (Because this is really a RIGHT NOW type of issue that needed to get solved with Cupcake.) I ordered it over the weekend and it arrived yesterday!

It was well packed and once the hubby got it set up, I was super pleased with the quality! Definitely better than some of the things we'd looked at in the big box electronic stores (i.e. Best Buy) and a better price as well. There were two sizes available in the particular style we settled on of the Techcraft Veneto, the 48 and the 60:

                     Techcraft Veneto Series SWP48 TV Stand                               Techcraft Veneto Series SWP60 TV Stand
Essentially the same, however the 48 inch size has two doors and two compartments, and the 60 inch size has three compartments - but the center door has a mesh covering that we eventually decided could be a negative if Cupcake found it great fun to try to push the mesh in and broke it. So the 48 inch one it was!

It came boxed really well and looks great (in my humble opinion of course) with the rest of the furniture in our family room, so I'm happy that we found a suitable entertainment stand that didn't cost an arm and a leg to solve our problem.

Links with more information on the Techcraft TV entertainment stands:
Techcraft Veneto Series SWP48 TV Stand
Techcraft Veneto Series SWP60 TV Stand

In a future blog post I'll show updated pictures of our family room with the new entertainment cabinet, I just haven't gotten around to taking my camera down there yet!
(This is an independent review, reviewer was not compensated in any way to purchase this product or review it.)

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