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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nameity Name Names...

Hmmm... how to approach this subject.

Names are kind of a touchy subject in our family. They didn't used to be, but Cupcake's current "legal name" is not actually the name she started out with. We changed it two weeks after she was born. (And no, we didn't actually name her Cupcake, ha ha!) I never thought when I was pregnant the first time around that something like that would ever happen, but it did and it's just become one of those odd facts about us.

I read a few things on the Internet here and there while I was pregnant, about people changing their child's name a few weeks, a month, a few months after their child was born... but I didn't think that would ever happen to US? I mean surely you would just look at this little being and instantly know what they were supposed to be called, right?? Wrong. Most definitely wrong.

With Cupcake, even though we had names we had tossed around the entire time - I decided that we would just "wait until we saw her" to name her, which I now think was probably the absolute wrong thing to do. We should have just announced a name while I was pregnant, stuck with the name, and if we would have decided to change the name once we saw her, so be it. Then we would have been "those quirky people that called their baby sometime different the entire time she was in the womb"... not "those awkward people that had to order a second set of birth announcements and occasionally still have to correct people on what their daughter's name is almost one year later".

Hmmm... potatoe, pa-tat-toe. I suppose. The unfortunate part is that I really don't think we ever captured the spark that is my daughter with EITHER of the names that we chose for her - but I've decided to let sleeping fishes lie... or whatever that phrase is.

So this time around, we have a plan. Well, I have a plan. We have names leftover from the last pregnancy, and that is that. These are what this new baby will be called, end of story. No more deliberation needed. (Unless of course we change our minds after we see him or her, LOL...)

Little Bean baby #2  will be either a Natalie Elizabeth or Nathaniel Richard (Nate), and hopefully this time around we can avoid a lot of extra, unnecessary paper work and not second guess ourselves. We shall see... and regardless, a rose by any other name is supposed to smell just as sweet, right?


  1. We had a HUGE name debate with our first son.. mainly stemming from the fact that my husband wanted to name him after his father and himself (they have the same name) so he would be the THIRD.. It just wasn't something I was willing to do, considering my husband is never called by his actual name.. his family gave him a nickname and use it like it's his real name. If I give a name to my child I want to call him by it! Anyway we had a lot of arguments and debate and FINALLY settled on the ONLY name we both liked. And my father in law is still disappointed we didn't carry on the tradition.. Well, sorry, but I'm not going to name my kids solely to please someone else! So yeah, names are a touchy subject in our house too :) Do what you feel is best for your family!

  2. Thanks for reading & commenting! It's good to know we weren't the only ones that had an issue with naming! That apparently turned out to be our Achilles heel first time around, hoping to not have to deal with it again this time around! :)

    And I agree with what you said, do what is best for your family - don't worry about pleasing others by naming your child this or that, I think we got caught up in that a lot with naming Cupcake. ;)

  3. Wow I can't imagine going through changing a name knowing how difficult it was for me and DH to even come up with a name we both agreed on in the first place. Kudos to you to be able to do it twice! lol

  4. Love the names!! It's hard trying to figure out a name that your child is going to have for the rest of their lives! Luckily the plan you have now of naming your child when you are pregnant worked for us, my daughter has been a Payton Rose inside my belly and out! Hope it works for you too!