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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Florida Finds...

Well surprisingly I didn't really do much shopping while we were in Florida! (Shocking, I know!) I wasn't really in the mood, I was more looking forward to the theme parks with Cupcake... and the short time I was at shopping places I didn't really find much that called me to me and said "you must take me home!". So that was that!

I did go to the Premium Outlets one of the days I was there to also meet up with a friend for lunch. (Such a great time!) And enjoyed being able to walk around outside without a winter coat on! Although I looked in a number of stores, Dior... Coach... Juicy Couture... I just didn't really see anything of interest! Finally at the last store we went in, Banana Republic - I grabbed a couple of cute clothing items that I liked.

My two lone Florida purchases from the Banana Republic Outlet
I ended up getting a tan cardigan with twist edge details, and a orchid colored top with a cute ruching on the sleeves.

I think my loss of interest in the Orlando outlets might be because the area that we live in now has all of the same stores at an outlet mall close to my house, and all of the same stores at Mall at Millenia can be found at my local mall, Somerset Collection. So there really isn't any appeal of "new" stores to browse through, when I can pretty much get anything down there near home now. In any case, it's still fun to be walking outdoors amongst palm trees, instead of stuck indoors because there is snow on the ground!

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