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Friday, April 29, 2011

Mommy's New Bag(s)!

So I did a little collection "re-organizing" while I was on blog hiatus, and a few new bags arrived at my house! If you're here for a Louis Vuitton reveal - sorry to disappoint, but they are actually both Balenciaga bags! If you know me or knew me about some 3 or 4 years ago... I was a 100% Balenciaga girl. It was the only brand I carried. After I had Cupcake, I felt like they were maybe too delicate to carry all of the time, and that Louis Vuitton would be a more durable and long-lasting choice.

Well, I haven't given up on Louis Vuitton (I'm still considering it my "main" brand), but I did feel like I was missing having just a FEW Balenciaga bags in my collection, since I sold off a vast majority of them. So I had some Vuitton accessories just hanging around that weren't being used like they should be, so I decided to turn those into a Balenciaga bag! (Or two!)

The first bag I hunted down was a 2007 Anthracite Work. I used to have this color in a First (the smallest size Balenciaga well-known bag currently in production), but the size was just too small for me, so I let it go some time ago. I always missed the color and leather, so when this bag became available and I had an opportunity to re-home some LV accessories that weren't being used - I jumped on it!

2007 Anthracite Work

The leather is scrumptious, 2007 was the last year for Balenciaga to use their signature chevre leather, and 2007 bags hold a special place in my heart. (2007 also happens to be the year I found a love for Balenciaga.) Anthracite is a beautiful color that can look gray, blue or a dark teal depending on the lighting. It is, in my humble opinion, the best Anthracite that Balenciaga has ever released.

My second surprise purchase happened while innocently searching bags one day, I found a bag in a color that hadn't really caught my attention before that, but I couldn't get it off of my mind. I ended up having a bit of an overage leftover from the sale of my LV accessories, so I decided to go ahead and make it a two-for! 

 Even though it's agneau (the material used post-chevre starting in 2008, and on a few 2007 bags, like Violet, came in both materials) - I don't mind it. I do actually like the leather on this particular bag, and the color is another great chameleon color, that changes depending on the lighting and what colors are around it. It's a deep red burgundy, with purple and brown undertones that - even for a non-red wearing girl like myself- is surprisingly wearable. 2008 Black Cherry is truly a magnificent color.

2008 Black Cherry Work - Most representative of the true color

So those are my new bags for now, don't worry - I haven't given up on Louis Vuitton! Just trying to add a little of variety back into the collection! ;)


  1. They are both gorgeous! Very supple looking, which I love in leather.

    I have a question since you are so familar with LV: Besides saving for a Chanel, I also want a LV one day. I am deciding between the speedy 30 or the neverfull, probably in the medium size. Both would be in the Damier Ebene print (love!)
    Which would you recommend? I love totes, which means the neverfull, but I have been lusting after a speedy for years now. Thoughts?

  2. @ Beautygirl24

    That is the ultimate tough LV choice to make - Speedy vs. Neverfull! I have a Neverfull, but don't actually have a Speedy. I owned a monogram one (pre-loved) for a few days but ended up selling it because I just couldn't do the exclusively handheld type of bag. I'm too used to shoulder bags. I love the way it looks on people though. Now with DD I'm afraid it would be even moreso an unusable choice for me to have a handheld only bag.

    However, I think the Speedy looks very chic, and is the classic LV choice! So if you think you could use a handheld and want more of the iconic feel, then go Speedy... but if you want a bag that is really functional and classic, I would go with the Neverfull.

    I have the Damier Ebene Neverfull MM, and it's a great bag. So would say that would be my personal top choice... :)