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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cutesie Etsy Finds for Baby!

I've been obsessed with browsing Etsy lately... mainly for cute baby outfits and unique dresses that look different from the more commercial looking clothing that we usually wear around our house. I think the outfits that Carter's, Gymboree, and Target have are adorable too of course, it is what the girls mainly wear on any given day - but sometimes it is nice to just have something that isn't as mainstream. Has a bit of attitude and uniqueness to it.

Following my bird theme that I've had going on for the past few months, this pinafore dress has an adorable bird print that seems like it could easily transition between seasons:

Bird pinafore, Keeker's Crafts,, $22
And there's also a cupcake version to appeal to my cupcake obsession...

Cupcake pinafore, Keeker's Crafts,, $25
This adorable onesie goes great with the Spring bird trend!

Bird onesie, NecessaryCuteness,, $10
And I really love the look of this pillowcase dress and bloomer set! Looks easy and breezy to wear!

Pink pillowcase dress, dreambirds,, $33
So I'm hoping some of these items show up in the girls' wardrobes for Spring & Summer... I think they would be great additions to just spice up our "usual" favorites from larger commercial stores.

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