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Thursday, April 12, 2012

J.Crew Favorites for Spring 2012!

I was browsing through the J.Crew website late night and came across a number of items that I fell in love with Spring!

As always... this Jackie cardigan is one of my favorites from J.Crew:

Jackie Cardigan in Fiesta Purple,, $62

I also came across this Sequin Cami in Azalea:

J.Crew Collection Sequin Cami,, $420

I think it is adorable! However at $420 and having no where appropriate to wear it to anyways... (not exactly a great choice for grocery shopping or toddler soccer lessons!) it will definitely not be joining my closet.

This next "better-priced" find is adorable and more practical though! I've been thinking about getting a clutch for Spring, for those days when I would prefer to "downsize" - and had been primarily focusing on Tory Burch options. This J.Crew Tillary Clutch is a great option, and on sale to boot!

Tillary Purse in Flax,, On Sale for $88


  1. i love the tillary purse - i'm contemplating it myself!

  2. Cute clutch! :) I really like that purple cardi too :)