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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

*~My 8 Most Worn Things~* Follow-up Blog!

Following up from my blog post last March, HERE... It is time to see how my 8 Most Worn things have (or haven't!) changed!

(I mean seriously... does You Tube purposely pick the worst thumbnails ever?)

Here are my current most worn products:

1. Most Worn Hair Product - I still really love the Matrix Essentials Vital Control Hair Spray that I featured in 2011, but it has been discontinued... so I'm out of luck after I finish off the can that I'm currently using. I've found a new love in Alterna products and use the Alterna Bamboo Shine Mist everyday and also use a leave-in creme every day as well... right now I'm using and really liking the L'Oreal Paris Everstyle Smooth & Shine Creme.

2. Most Worn Lip Product - Another one that I'm still liking... Too Faced Lip of Luxury Lipstick in Free Love & Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Peek-a-Boo, they are still staples in my makeup bag that I carry in my purse AND in my vanity! I like them that much! I've also found a new favorite, NARS Crusing... and between these three lip products - I am typically wearing on of these a lot of the time and they are my most worn.

3. Most Worn Earrings - I finally ponied up and got a few pairs of nice earrings for every day wear... one of my most worn being the Tiffany & Co Somerset Knot earrings. (Kind of a nicer version of the Forever 21 pair that I feature in 2011!) I also wear a CZ pair from Target a lot too.

4. Most Worn Shirt - My most worn shirt is actually a "type" of shirt... those flowy cardigans that are in style (they're still in style, right??) and ever so practical if you'd like to, *ahem*, mask a few things. I have a few that are favorites from H&M and Gap.

5. Most Worn Nail Polish- My most worn polish now is Zoya Reece... it is an extremely fun and happy pink, that I love wearing in all seasons! 

6. Most Worn Shoes - I'm loving my Tory Burch Silver/Black Leather Revas right now and they are my most worn shoes! The Revas are a comfortable flat for me and I really love the medallion on the toe area to just give it a little bit of extra character.

7. Most Worn Perfume - Marc Jacobs, Oh, Lola! - It is a great scent that has light scent and is practical to wear in most situations. 

8. Most Worn Bag - The Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM, is a great little bag! (Well, not so little... more large-medium sized!) It is fun to use, comfortable on the shoulder and the pleating gives it a lot of style! One of my favorite bags by Louis Vuitton right now!


  1. I love these types of reviews. I am switching up my hair products now and think I will give both of those a try along with my Fekkai Shea Butter and Bed Head....

    1. I love these survey type things too! :) The Alterna stuff is really great, and I'm L'Oreal has been working pretty good as well!