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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Loving right now... Gorjana Jewelry!

While browsing through Shop Bop during their recent sale, I came across a number of jewelry items that I instantly fell in love with - and surprisingly, were all by the same designer! Gorjana makes gorgeous pieces that achieve being classic and original all at the same time, and every item I saw by the brand was appealing to me.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Bloom necklace is subtle and girly, I imagine this could become a favorite every day piece. Gold tone is not normally appealing to me in jewelry, but my eyes see the design before the color of the metal even registers... I like that in a piece of jewelry.

Gorjana Bloom Necklace,, $55

The Morocco ring necklace is in my favorite jewelry color (silver) and I love the ring detail, I see myself being deep in thought while rolling a ring up and down the necklace... definitely a great piece of jewelry for those more thoughtful days.

Gorjana Morocco Ring Necklace,,  $53

The Lovebird earrings are adorable and very well priced! You could buy a back up pair at this price!

Gorjana Lovebird Earrings,, $34

I adore the leather wrap bracelet and this would be something very unusual to find in my jewelry armoire, but I like that it is subtle while it still feels fresh and on point with the leather wrap bracelet trend.

Gorjana Leather Wrap Bracelet,, $48

My absolute favorite pieces of jewelry that I found by Gorjana? These rose gold bangles... they are gorgeous and would look great with a Summer dress or cardigan in the Fall... these bangles might be something you could see in a future reveal from me!

Gorjana Rose Gold Bangles,, $117

Find all these and more great jewelry pieces at

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