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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My quick & easy suggestions for shinier hair!

I have a few quick and easy tips that you can try at home (no need to go out and buy eggs or hair masks!) - to get shinier hair! If you do these steps over a period of time, you should see a noticeable difference in how shinier your hair appears. By helping your hair hold in more moisture, it will also be healthier too!

In the shower:
- Alternate between shampoos & conditioners daily, don't use the same shampoo/conditioner two days in a row
- Finish your shower with a cold water rinse over your hair, as cold as you can stand! (This may be the most important step!)

After shower:
- Towel dry and then let your hair air dry when it is possible
- If blow drying your hair, make sure to do part of your drying with your hair upside down or with a diffuser so that the hot air doesn't sit in one area of your hair

When styling:
- Use a heat protectant spray before heat styling (Matrix, Revlon, and Chi all make great options!)
- If you want extra shine after you've completed all of these steps, I would highly recommend the Alterna Bamboo High Shine Mist. I use it occasionally when I want a shine boost. (It was not used the day I made this video.)

Here's my video tutorial on how to get shiny hair without having to go out and buy anything extra:

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