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Monday, May 7, 2012

Purses I've been eyeing recently...

There have been a few purses that have caught my eye recently, and surprisingly - they are not Louis Vuitton handbags, and all by brands that I've never had a purse from before, or haven't used in a long time!

Kate Spade has a number of bags out right now that have me going back to her website to take a second look. I first saw them in person at Nordstrom and again later at the Kate Spade store in Somerset Collection during our Michigan trip. I carried a nylon Kate Spade bag a number of years ago, but hadn't really paid attention to anything by the brand for years... However I cannot get this bag out of my mind!

Kate Spade Gold Coast Georgina,, $458

The leather is a gorgeous, shimmery black and there is also a great beige color! I think these would be great basics to have in a wardrobe.

Kate Spade Gold Coast Maryanne,, $378

And honestly, after being so used to seeing Louis Vuitton prices, Kate Spade pricing seems... well, reasonable!

The next bag that I've had on my mind is by Tory Burch, and I've also mentioned it in previous blog posts. Come Fall, if I still can't get it out of my mind - this may be my new Fall bag...

Tory Burch Robinson Satchel,, $550

Another bag that caught my eye while browsing the Saks and Tory Burch websites is also by Tory Burch, and was previously off my radar. I love the bright colors and a pink-turquoise color combination is one of my favorites. I wouldn't mind welcoming one of these bags into my collection for warmer months, but feel like I really need to go check out the bag in person to get a sense of the size of both of them.

Roslyn Stripe Tote,, $395

Roslyn Stripe Satchel,, $395

I think that any of the bags I'm liking right now would give my collection some great variety... and I find it interesting that I seem to leaning towards all leather bags again!


  1. The pink Tory Burch tote looks totally YOU!

    1. Thanks!! I totally think so too... I think I need that satchel in my life! :)

  2. Love the colours in the tory burch ones, so bright and colourful! :)