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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Leap Year Wednesday!

Okay, so I did have pink polish on today... but it wasn't picture worthy because it is chipping and I haven't had time to redo it. I have on Zoya Brie though, which is a gorgeous, creamy deep pink. Pictures will be posted eventually... once I have decent nails again.

I did a fun video for Leap Day though, kind of a "I just wanna talk about whatever I wanna talk about"... and did a video on Sephora free gifts and beauty insider rewards. I also showed the 100 point Dior gift that I received back in January and hopefully will eventually have 500 points saved up sometime in 2012 to get the Dior 500 point gift that is a charm bracelet and deluxe perfume sample.

Hope everyone had a great Leap Day! It was cute that all of the birthdays on Sprout today were for 4 year olds!

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  1. Thanks for the Nars info, going to Sephora this week and I will check this out. I also love the nail color :)