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Friday, February 24, 2012

Louis Vuitton Empriente Lumineuse PM in Ombre!

So DH offered to get me a bag as kind of a late Valentine's/early birthday type of gift... after having a hard time mulling over what to get - this Lumi popped up and I grabbed it. The Ombre color is the Empriente color that I had been considering, and even though I previously had mentioned the Empriente Artsy in one of my posts - I decided that the Lumineuse might be even more versatile. (Especially with kids!)

So it arrived this week and I'm still figuring out whether I love, like it, or am just neutral about it? I seem to kind of be wavering all around and my opinion changes from minute to minute. In any case, it is a very pretty bag and  what may be making me balk more than anything could be the price tag (eek!!)... but the leather is just divine and the color is lovely too...

What do you think - a keeper? :)


  1. i think the bag is gorgeous! but do you totally love it? that's usually the deal breaker for me..

  2. It's so nice, definitely a keeper! So practical and will go with so many outfits! :)

  3. My boyfriend is going to buy me this bag in white.

  4. Would you recommend the Lumineuse as a baby/mommy bag? Perhaps if used with a Pishposh Mommy organizer?

    1. I think it could definitely work as a mommy bag with an organizer inside! If you're planning on having liquids in there, I would just make sure to put them inside of extra pouches to contain any accidental spills... but I do think it could be used as a posh mommy bag. Slightly heavier than canvas, but would look nicer. GL deciding! :)

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