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Monday, February 6, 2012

Whoo hoo for Naked 2!

It's late (in my world), I'm tired... I'm rhyming.

However I am excited that I finally picked up the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, follow-up to the Naked palette... my practically every day eyeshadow palette for about the past year! I was actually concerned that the Naked 2 might not be different enough from the original to justify having both - but I was pleased to find that they are actually a great compliment to each other.

Naked 2 palette on top, Naked palette on bottom

There are thousands of reviews out there on these two, I'm sure - so I will just touch on the highlights for me personally... I love the neutralness (is that word?) of each of the palettes and I appreciate the subtle differences in the Naked 2 version, with more taupe and gray based colors.

Naked palette on left, Naked 2 palette on right

My go-to combination from the Naked palette has been Sin across the lid up to the brow, Toasted across the lid, Hustle in the crease, and Virgin as a highlight.

My go to Naked palette combination for every day

I'm loving a few combinations of colors from the Naked 2 palette so far, and I've also been mixing some of the colors of the Naked 2 palette with my Tarina Tarantino Magical palette.

Some favorite combinations so far from Naked 2...
- Bootycall across lid up to brow, Tease across lid, Pistol in crease, Busted in crease
- Verve across lid up to brow (Pewter from Tarina Tarantino palette across lid, and Deep Purple from TT palette in crease, White from TT palette as highlight)
- Verve across lid up to brow, YDK across lid, Busted in crease

I'll be sure to upload pics of combinations as I get to try some more...


  1. ok, now i think i really need this!
    thanks for the comparison!

  2. It is a really nice palette - I will post up some pictures of combinations from it as I can get pictures of them! :)