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Friday, February 3, 2012

Pink polish Wednesdays... (Yes, I realize it is Friday)

Well, it has been a hectic week and getting near a computer with a moment to write anything sane has proved to be harder than usual.

I participated in my first "Pink Nail Polish Wednesdays" for On Wednesdays We Wear Pink... and was so busy I couldn't get pictures until today. I was wearing Zoya's Anaka at the beginning of the week, which is a gorgeous fuchsia pink... but decided to tone it down a little bit on Wednesday because I was going to tour a day care I'm looking at having the girls go to a few days a week. So I thought I would go with something a bit more subtle.

I put on Zoya's Reece... I just love this color! It is a gorgeous shimmer pink, that has gold highlights throughout. It's a truly unique polish and just one of those colors that makes you happy when you look at it! I did a little touch up today to take a picture, so it is still on my nails.

Zoya Reece

In other news, as I mentioned above - I'm looking into child care for the girls a few mornings a week so that I can take Cupcake to classes again while Peanut is at day care, and then have Cupcake get some socialization time with kids her same age a few mornings as well. It is a truly nerve-racking experience. I've been a SAHM since the start, so looking into part-time day care has been a big decision for us... but a necessary one. Not only do I think my sanity will benefit from having some 1 child mornings (and one glorious child free morning on Fridays!) - but to get Cupcake into swimming and gymnastics classes that I have to participate in... I have to have some sort of care worked out for Peanut. So it just seemed like the right way to go to work out a combo situation of days that they are both going.

I will keep you posted on how it goes... This SAHM is nervous about putting the girls into someone else's care, and also a bit miffed that I could get a new Speedy every month for the price of day care. I just need to keep repeating to myself: Sanity, sanity, sanity. Sanity is priceless.


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