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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cupcake's Super Why! themed birthday party!

Well, it didn't go exactly as I had anticipated... but we celebrated Cupcake's 2nd birthday (which was actually in May) this past weekend with family, and had a "Super Why!" themed birthday party!

Cupcake unfortunately turned out to be sick, and we canceled having any kids around her, so her family party turned into a - grandparents' party! We still had a lot of fun and she enjoyed her Super Why! themed party supplies. I ordered a cake and chose a background that I thought would be suitable with the SW! theme, since all of the SW! supplies had to be ordered online - and then gave the decorations that came with the cake (that turned out to be My Little Pony) to Cupcake to play with - which she loves!

I ended up forgoing the different themed areas idea that I had originally for the party, since we didn't have as many people in attendance and I didn't figure the grandparents would really care whether or not her playhouse was a themed "Book Club" area or not... I still really love the idea if you would be hosting a Super Why! party with a number of children in attendance or with a bit older kids that can get into the ideas of different stations. Our water table would have been the "Little Mermaid" theme, bubble wand station a "Cinderella" theme, play house a "Book Club" theme, bounce area the "Princess & the Pea" theme, and slide play area a "Rapunzel" theme.

Alas, it was not to be... and Cupcake is a bit too young to "get" it anyhow, so it turned out okay.

She opened lots of fun packages!

And the dress up clothing was definitely a hit! We couldn't convince her that the tiara was supposed to go ON her head... she just knew that it was meant to be sunglasses instead!

All in all, although it wasn't what I had originally envisioned - still a fun day!


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