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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Zoya collection!

I decided to do a polish collection video exclusively dedicated to Zoya since it is my favorite nail polish brand!

Zoya colors shown:

Neutrals: Anne, Lulu, Felicity, Pandora, Barbie, Uma, Lyric, Cassi
Grays/Lt. Purples: Dove, Marley, Harley, Brizia, Caitlin, Adina, Lotus, Dannii
Dark Purples: Casey, Jem, Julianne, Stacy, Rhiana, Roxy, Hope, Mata Hari
Reds/Dark Pinks: Divincia, Kierra, Burke, Brooke, Nova, Anaka, Brie, Kimber
Bright/Lt. Pinks: Charisma, Dana, Gilda, Lillith, Areej, Reece, Rory, Chloe
      Others:  Maya, Deidre, Tao, Gemma, Zuza, Tallulah, Shelby, Lara, Reagan, Wednesday, Carly

I do feel like my nails have improved since I started using exclusively Zoya on my finger nails. (I do occasionally use other brands on my toes.) In conjunction with using Zoya's Remove+ polish remover, I feel like my nails have been stronger, have been more apt to grow longer, and have had less peeling problems!

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