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Friday, June 15, 2012

Things to do before I turn 30!

So turning 29 this year got me to thinking about turning 30 years old... about what my 30s will be like and reflecting back on my 20s. There definitely has been considerable change from the beginning of my 20s to the end of my 20s...

At the beginning of my 20s, I was young, carefree, had minimal responsibilities - but took on much responsibility to gain experience by working multiple part-time jobs while completing my undergraduate degree. The mid-part of my 20s was marked by beginning my professional career, starting my own business (a dance center, which actually come to think of it I could go more in-depth into entrepreneurship in future blog posts), and getting married. We moved a number of times for my husbands job, and thus began the latter part of my 20s... when I completed my Master's degree and we started having a family.

My life now, is consumed with diapers, bottles, and the needs of other people - and while I acknowledge that it is the absolutely best thing I could be doing and its own kind of career, being a stay at home mom does leave me feeling lackluster in the "career" department some days. This is where the blogging and You Tube channels come in I believe, because they give me some sort of outlet, a sort of project oriented world... where I can still complete tasks and have a sense of accomplishment when they are done.

Turning 30 though, is less about where I've been and more about where I'm going... I've imagined being in my 30s many times in my life - and it has always represented a very put together, productive time period in my life.

Thus began my list - a sort of "bucket list" of my 20s, to embrace moving into my 30s in the most positive way possible and kick-starting a new decade or era in the best way that I can...

My "to do" list before turning 30!

  • -          Try something I’ve never tried before
  • -          Get more organized
  • -          Lose 20lbs
  • -          Find a good eye cream
  • -          Buy 3 new pieces of jewelry
  • -          Buy a great smaller purse to use
  • -          Buy something I wouldn’t normally buy
  • -          Clean out my closet (of clothing that I’m not wearing, etc.)
  • -          Take more pictures of myself with the girls
  • -          Go see a movie in a movie theater!

This is the beginning of my project and I will try to update along the way on my progress towards May 2013, and the beginning of my 30s.

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