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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pink nail polish Wednesday ~ Zoya Lillith

This week's pink polish has been shown before, but it is such a gorgeous color that it deserves extra time in the spotlight! Zoya Lillith is a gorgeous magenta pink that's rich color just beams off of your nail. I especially like it for pedicures too!

Even though I don't do much with nail polish other than pink polish Wednesdays, I'm a nail polish lover at heart! If I had acrylics on I would do more with swatching, but alas - they tend to ruin my real nails too quickly these days, so I've decided to stick with au naturel for now... However I do have a few fun features coming up showing my nail polish collection & storage, as well as a video specifically on my favorite brand, Zoya, polish collection! So keep an eye out for all of those fun polish videos in coming weeks!

Happy pink polish Wednesday!

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  1. Really like this pink :) Looking forward to the nail polish features!